Preventions Firm Up In 3 Weeks Review

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There are too many fitness programs on the market claiming to spot reduce. Spot reduction is a myth that no fitness program or diet can deliver. Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks may help a dieter lose weight by increasing calorie burn and metabolism, but “trouble zones” are not going to be targeted during the workout. The body burns fat from stores throughout the body. No specific exercise forces the body to burn from one area or another. As the body slims, fat is taken from various parts so the “trouble zones” may shrink, but so will other parts of the body.

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Workout book that claims to target trouble zones.

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The first problem with Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks it the format in which the workout plan is delivered. Dieters must read a book and perform exercises explained in the book based on the pictures and description provided. This can be extremely difficult if the pictures do not provide step-by-step instruction. Even then, some readers may find the pictures difficult to understand leading to frustration.

The second problem is the claim of targeting the workout to “trouble zones.” The body tends to utilize fat from the most recent places fat was stored before moving on to older fat stores. If the dieter has several “trouble zones” these have likely been a problem for quite some time. No exercise plan will live up to the claim of spot reducing, because the body will pull fat from a variety of places, not just one targeted area. For instance, crunches will not specifically slim the midsection.

Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks does address diet. There are 21 days of menus included in the book, so the dieter can reduce caloric intake and increase calorie burn at the same time. The diet must be minimally invasive because the book description claims the dieter can lose 6 pounds in three weeks. The first week on a new diet tends to force out water weight, so the dieter should lose more than the average two pounds a week for the first week or two.

The book sells for $16 new on and as little as $4 used.

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  • Covers fitness and diet for total weight loss support.
  • Priced cheaper than other workout and diet books, when purchased used.


  • Fitness books are hard to follow in real life.
  • The menu may require purchase of specialty foods.
  • Dumbbells are needed to workout.


Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks will not target “trouble zones” but it may help the dieter trim down with a healthy menu and increased exercise. The book covers both fitness and diet, which makes this one worth a try at the used price.

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