Preventions Flat Belly Diet Review

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Prevention Magazine is constantly reinventing the diet. From the Peanut Butter Diet to the Firm Up in 3 Weeks plan, there is always a means of getting in shape and losing weight between the covers of Prevention. One of Prevention Magazine’s most popular diets is Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet. Instead of strictly focusing on weight loss, the diet helps the follower lose weight around the midsection while choosing foods that prevent gas and bloating. No matter how thin a person is if they are bloated, the tummy area can look like they are carrying an extra 20 pounds, not to mention the pain associated with bloating.

List of Ingredients

Reduced calorie diet with a focus on reducing gas and bloating.

Product Features

The official website for Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet promotes the book that explains the diet, recipes and articles on special topics related to the diet like “What are MUFAs?” MUFAs play a huge part in the Flat Belly Diet. MUFA stands for monounsaturated fatty acids, or healthy fats. The dieter should think healthy oils, nuts, olives, avocados and chocolate. But these foods are high in calories, so moderation is the key to weight loss. The dieter cannot sit down and eat a couple avocados and two chocolate bars and expect to lose weight. In moderation, however, these foods provide healthy omega fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids that may help reduce hunger and improve heart health.

Another huge aspect of Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet is bloat. The stomach tends to bloat out when digestion is difficult. That bloat is just pent up gas captured in the intestines during digestion. Eating foods that promote digestion and good colon health may help reduce bloat and slim the belly.

Prevention claims a flat belly is achievable without one crunch, but that is not entirely true. Dieters need to exercise while dieting to increase metabolism and promote digestion. While traditional crunches may not be on the fitness menu, they do help firm up abdominal muscles and strengthen the core. Core muscles are important in every movement, including walking, running and weight training.

There is no cost for accessing the Prevention website or the published information on the Flat Belly Diet. The book, however, sells on Amazon and through other online outlets for varying prices.

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  • Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet promotes healthy eating.
  • Eating foods that are easily digested may improve colon health.
  • Reducing bloat will slim the tummy.


  • Exercise, including crunches, is important to overall fitness and weight loss.
  • Eating avocados, healthy oils and chocolate requires portion control.
  • The dieter must count calories to lose weight.


Dieters suffering from bloat and slow digestion may find Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet the key to feeling better and achieving regular bowel movements. The diet does not specifically address exercise, but moving more is the key to weight loss.

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