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The internet has become one of the best media for finding weight loss plans and healthy meal plans. Preventive Nutrition Com is one of the websites available to help people learn how to cook a meal that will make visitors leaner. The website offers news, blogs, pictures and videos that are linked to different recipes. The website claims that through user interactions, new recipes are uncovered on its pages. However, whereas Preventive Nutrition Com appears to be serving those who want to eat healthy, it is partnered with a few websites that provide online shopping facilities. So, you will have to encounter these websites while browsing Preventive Nutrition Com’s pages.

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Preventive Nutrition Com is basically a website that promotes healthy food. The topics covered include recipes, snacking, weight loss, fruit, exercise, calories, weight and nutrition. Despite promoting itself as a website that offers healthy food, Preventive Nutrition Com actually focuses on providing meals and recipes that lead to weight loss. In addition, the site also branches into different health topics that have nothing to do with recipes but everything to do with healthy lifestyles. Plus, the layout can be confusing as the categories of the website are below whereas sponsored links are on the sides and top of the page.Another thing noticeable about Preventive Nutrition Com is that it is regular people who post recipes on the site. Most people hunt for these recipes online, and not all of them are free of low calorie ingredients. For example, avocado is considered to be one of the richest greens available. However, it is being used in only one of the recipes on the site.

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  • The website offers a range of recipes that are regarded as healthy.
  • Visitors will get to learn about the latest health news.
  • The recipes are categorized for easy access. For example, look in Snacking and Vegetables for snacks and vegetable-based dishes.


  • Some links are still under development thus have no articles. For example, the Exercise category is still empty.
  • The layout isn’t user friendly.
  • The website could be perceived as a purely money making exercise through the amount of advertising present.
  • No calorie count information on the recipes.


Despite Preventive Nutrition Com having good information at times, it isn’t sufficient and sometimes not even relevant to the website’s main purpose. Plus, it seems as if the website’s builders wanted to make it as an advertising platform rather than an informational website. anybody planning to try these recipes, will be risking calorie intake because none of these provide a calorie count or are proved to be low fat.

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