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What You Should Know

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Primaforce Lean Green is a green tea extract supplement. Green tea is a widely used ingredient in many different weight loss supplements, for its natural caffeine content to help burn fat, boost the metabolism, and increase energy levels. The problem is that not all green tea supplements are created equally. Take a look at this review to determine whether or not this supplement is the right one to help you reach your weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients

Primaforce Lean Green contains the following ingredients: green tea extract.

Product Features

Primaforce Lean Green is simply green tea extract. It has 90% polyphenols, and has been standardized for 50% EGCG, which is the main ingredient of green tea that makes it a powerful fat burner an appetite suppressant. The natural caffeine in green tea may make some people who are sensitive to it have issues with sleep, but it is this natural caffeine that helps people shed excess water weight. It is said that if you drink green tea with a meal, it will help prevent bloating. People who use this supplement are advised to take one tablet twice a day with meals. Each bottle contains 60 tablets. At the time of this review, we were able to find a 2 pack of bottles for $25, meaning each bottle is only $12.50, which makes this supplement very affordable. This could be used in conjunction with other supplements to improve your overall weight loss, but may not be enough concentrated green tea to get the results you would expect.

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  • Primaforce Lean Green contains green tea, which has been shown in clinical studies to aid with fat loss.
  • This supplement is affordably priced at $20 or less depending on merchant for a 30 day supply.


  • Primaforce Lean Green will not give you the clinically proven dose of green tea.
  • There are mixed reviews for this supplement.
  • There are no free trials of this supplement.
  • There may or may not be a money back guarantee for this product.


Primaforce Lean Green could be a good supplement, but it is clinically proven at 1200 mg per day, and taking this supplement as directed only gives you 1000 mg. It is not to say it would not be effective at all, but it may not produce the results you are looking for. For the best results, it is ideal to find a clinically proven supplement as a whole, rather than one that contains clinically proven ingredients. That supplement should have either a fat burner or an appetite suppressant. In addition, you should be making lifestyle changes to help your weight loss along, such as exercising on a regular basis, and following a reduced calorie balanced diet.

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