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What You Should Know

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PrimaForce is a North Carolina based company that claims to produce high quality supplements which improve general performance and body composition. According to PrimaForce’s main website, the group of scientists who worked on the company’s products made sure of three things: the latest ingredients, the best products and above average quality. The company boasts that its goals have been achieved as it offers products that it believes to be of high quality and affordable. So, whether you are trying to lose weight, increase your muscle mass or improve your general health, the company promises you and other consumers of having what you will need.

List Of Ingredients

PrimaForce has over 25 products which can be used for weight loss, body building and the improvement of overall health. However, only a few of these supplements have some of their ingredients stated on the website. Even when mentioned, the elements are only mentioned by the percentage of their availability in each dosage.

Product Features

Besides catering for athletes and body builders, PrimaForce offers a range of supplements which can be used by anyone. The Scientific Advisory Board claims that it makes sure that the ingredients used are up to date and the most effective in the market. For example, 5-HTP contains 5-HT, 5-hydroxytryptamine (or serotonin), which controls the secretion of certain hormones, body temperature, carbohydrate cravings and the mood of the consumer. Another example of PrimaForce’s products is Max CLA which the company claims to help improve lipid profiles and overall health. According to the website, CLA is a natural substance as it is a fatty acid that is found in meat and dairy products. Even if you’re looking for something for your muscles, you can choose from many products. Beta Alanine is one of such products which the company’s website claims to extend endurance levels and delay fatigue.

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  • PrimaForce’s products are in the reach of everyone as prices on an average are below $50.
  • PrimaForce states that it provides customer service to answer any queries.
  • By joining the website’s Team PrimaForce, you will get free samples, product updates and many other offers and publications.
  • The Scientific Advisory Board handling PrimaForce consists of two, well known and seemingly capable doctors.


  • PrimaForce’s website doesn’t mention that the products on sale are approved by any authority.
  • The quality of the website itself is poor, which makes one wonder about the company itself.
  • There is no proof whatsoever to the effects PrimaForce claims for each of its products.
  • None of the products appear to have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


PrimaForce is a supplement manufacturer that promises consumers quality products. However, with no proof to its claims and no approval by any authority, it may seem that the supplements are just too good to be true. Although you may not be able to find them this cheap, it is better to spend a little more than risk your health on such supplements.

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