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Primal Blueprint is a complete weight loss program with supplements, protein shakes and self-help books that attempt to help a dieter lose weight and achieve goals. According to Primal Blueprint author Mark Sisson, human genes can be reprogrammed to work toward weight loss. Mark Sisson is not a weight loss or diet professional, not does he have a medical degree.

The official website for the Primal Blueprint includes various supplement and jump start packages, including the Primal Essentials Kit, Primal Leap Kit and Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy meals book. The book sells for $26.99, but the accessory kits sell for more than $200 in some cases.

List of Ingredients

Self-help book on reprogramming genes to increase weight loss.

Product Features

There are 10 laws for the Primal Blueprint weight loss program. The laws include eating animals and plants, moving more often at a slower pace, sprinting once in a while, sleeping enough and avoiding silly mistakes. When combined, the 10 laws represent a typical weight loss program of eating less and moving more – the laws are just written in an easier to understand format.

Exercise is broken into three categories – move often at a slower than normal pace (50 to 75% of max heart rate), lift things that are heavy (3 times a week for 7 to 60 minutes) and sprint (more than 10 minutes one day a week). The fact that weight training should be completed between 7 and 60 minutes three days a week leaves a huge span of possibilities. If the dieter works out 7 minutes with weights three times a week, they will not achieve the same results as the dieter lifting for 60 minutes, three days a week.

There is chart dedicated to carbohydrates as part of the Primal Blueprint weight loss plan. The chart explains that carbohydrate consumption should fall between 0 and 100 per day to lose weight. Any carbohydrate intake higher than 100 is considered weight maintenance or weight gain. This means the Primal Blueprint diet is a version of a low carbohydrate diet.

No starches are allowed on the Primal Blueprint weight loss plan, so the dieter may feel the effects of carbohydrate withdrawal if there is an Induction-style phase on the plan.

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  • Lower carbohydrate diets are proven to spark weight loss.
  • Simple laws help the dieter understand the goals of the plan.
  • The Primal Blueprint has an official website.


  • The Primal Blueprint weight loss plan may require purchasing specific branded supplements.
  • Some exercise goals are confusing.
  • Low carbohydrate diets are hard to maintain.


The Primal Blueprint diet is no different from other lower carbohydrate diet plans. When carbohydrates are limited, the body turns to fat for fuel and weight loss results. Maintaining a low carbohydrate plan, like the Primal Blueprint, is difficult.

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    Great food! Was there when a friend started cooking from this book; she wanted gluten free, good food and weight loss possibility and she got it. I can not wait to start. Takes a bit of reading but so delish!