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Prime Time Health is a book written by Dr. William Sears. The book claims to answer questions and offer suggestions on how to live a healthier, longer life. Weight loss is mentioned in Part III of the book. Sears is a cancer survivor; making changes in his eating habits to improve overall health and keep cancer at bay. While the author is a doctor, not all lifestyle changes have the same effect on every person. Just like a weight loss diet, the dietary changes in Prime Time Health worked for Dr. Sears, but may not work for every reader in the same way.

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Book on improving health and longevity through lifestyle changes.

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Prime Time Health consists of six parts. Part I talks about the human body and changes that occur as the body ages. Part II moves on to health issues and how to improve heart, brain, skin, bone and joint health. Part III is all about nutrition and weight loss for improved health. By Part IV, the doctor discusses the science of health issues like inflammation, cancer and heart disease. Part V focuses on fitness for the aging adult. The final part of the book, Part VI, gathers all previous information and touches on each topic in a more personal manner.

Dr. Sears does mention weight loss in one part of the book, but weight loss is discussed as a means of improving health for the aging adult. Much of the book is focused on the older adult, though younger readers may find some interesting health information and lifestyle tips throughout.

Superfoods are a huge part of Dr. Sears theory on longevity in Prime Time Health. There are 16 superfoods listed, including, salmon, red onions, oatmeal, broccoli and tofu. The author suggests using the information in Prime Time Health to create an 8-week plan to a better, healthier you. Instructions on creating the plan are included in the book.

Fitness is also covered in Prime Time Health, but again the target audience is the older adult. The slower paced fitness regimes likely supported by Dr. Sears may be ideal for the beginner who needs to start slow but wants to move more to lose weight.

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  • Discusses weight loss and fitness.
  • Supports superfoods for improved health.


  • Written for the older adult.
  • Fitness regimes may be too easy for younger dieters.
  • Diet is mentioned for improved health more than slimming the body.


Prime Time Health may be a great book to read for general dieting and fitness information, or as an introduction into the troubles of growing older. As for weight loss advice, the superfood list is great, but the fitness may be too lax.

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