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Prime USP Labs is a supplement that supports muscles gains without affecting testosterone levels. There are only two ingredients in the formula and one is commonly used as a natural testosterone builder, but the product description from the manufacturer clearly states that hormone levels are not affected so cycling is not necessary. The second ingredient is not commonly found in bodybuilding supplements.

USP Labs does not offer a professional description for the product. Instead, they dedicate the majority of the description to a time line detailing how users noticed changes in their body over a period of four weeks. This is not only influential, but it shows how users feel about the supplement.

List of Ingredients

Tribulus Aquaticus and Chelbulic Myrobalan.

Product Features

Tribulus is sold as a natural testosterone booster. We’ve reviewed multiple supplements with the ingredient, but none are proven to boost testosterone. USP Labs actually admits to the fact that tribulus is not effective, but they still maintain it can help improve muscle gains and strength.

Chelbulic myrobalan is an interesting ingredient. The ingredient can be used to treat the common cold, relieve constipation and increase energy, but it is not a stimulant. It has anti-inflammatory effects, which could be one reason it is used in this supplement, but that would not increase lean muscle mass or rep max; two claims made by USP Labs about Prime.

There is no connection between tribulus, chelbulic and weight loss. The ingredients are simply not effective in any way that would benefit the dieter.

When looking through the product reviews, we found more positive than negative, but most of the positive reviews refer to this product as a testosterone booster. That is not the case. The company clearly states testosterone is not affected. Complaints ranged from rashes to no extra energy or pumps.

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  • Ingredients for Prime USP Labs are available online.
  • The supplement does not affect testosterone levels.
  • Can be taken long-term, though two 3-week breaks are suggested per year.
  • Costs less than some other muscle support supplements.


  • Offers zero benefit for the dieter.
  • Will not increase metabolism or decrease hunger.
  • Will not increase testosterone.
  • No clinical studies are listed in the product description.
  • We are not sure the time line is actually from users.


Prime USP Labs contains one unique ingredient, but we are not sure why this ingredient is included. We thought it could be a stimulant, but we did not find that effect referenced in any literature about the tree. Common side effects associated with taking Prime USP Labs include lack of effectiveness and red rash covering the entire body.

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