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Primetime Fit and Strong is a workout DVD by fitness legend Jane Fonda. Fonda is now a bit older and more mature so the audience she is targeting with her newest DVDs is also a bit older and more mature. The workout DVD attempts give the older adult a means of improving strength and fitness, but it falls a bit short, according to some consumer reviews. Fonda is now in her 70s, so a younger dieter may find the DVD a bit too slow or underproductive.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVD by Jane Fonda.

Product Features

Primetime Fit and Strong contains two 25-minute workouts. The workouts are clearly designed for the older adult, so younger dieters may not find them as fast paced as they would like. Beginners, however, may find the workouts useful as they are slower paced and less strenuous.

Fonda starts each workout with a brief talk about the aging body and how fitness can help improve self-esteem and general health. Throughout the workout, Fonda continues to encourage the follower to keep going. The first workout is clearly more basic than the second. The second builds on the fitness level gained after following the first workout for a while. Beginners with a higher level of natural fitness may find it more productive to start with the second workout.

Overall, consumers support the DVD workout claiming it helps reduce joint stiffness and pain. There is no mention of a healthy eating plan. Getting back in touch with your body may require weight loss. No amount of exercise will help the follower feel better or reduce pain if they are carrying an extra 25 pounds.

The Primetime Fit and Strong DVD sells for $10. Fonda is shown using hand weights in the video, so the dieter may have to purchase fitness equipment to complete the workout.

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  • Good workout for older adults.
  • Beginners may find the pace just right.
  • The price is comparable to other workout DVDs.
  • Jane Fonda is a trusted fitness professional.


  • Not fast paced enough for some followers.
  • Additional fitness equipment may be required to finish the workout.


Jane Fonda has been around in the fitness industry since the 1980s. Her earlier workouts were strenuous and tough, but they burned calories and improved fitness level quickly. At 70, Fonda is not working out a bit slower with an eye on her personal fitness level and overall health. Beginners may find this workout ideal, but anyone with a bit of fitness background may find it too slow for comfort. There is no mention of diet or reduced calorie eating for weight loss. We suggest starting a reduced calorie diet with an exercise plan for optimal results.

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