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Primordial Performance is a supplement company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Established in 2006, Primordial Performance provides a comprehensive online store for optimizing men’s health and performance. The website features a product listing, educational articles and community forum. Products produced petition to cover a broad spectrum of men’s health issues. Included in the portfolio are Natural Sport Supplements, General Health, Pro-Hormone Products, Topical Creams and products stacks for complete formulas. In addition, Primordial Performance offers hormone test kits, books, fitness accessories and supplement delivery systems.


Primordial Performance carries approximately 28 single supplements. The variety of ingredients is as wide as the product line. A sampling of possible ingredients might include Trans-Resveratrol, Benzoflavone, Milk Thistle Extract, Silybin, Pregnenolone or Chrysin. Each product carries a specific attribute list.

Product Features

Primordial Performance produces products geared towards men’s health and education. While a number of supplements work towards bodybuilding for musculature and general health, some products available offer sexual enhancement, mental acuity, vitality and immune system boosts. Delivery includes liquid additives, tablets or capsules, topical creams and dermal transfer applications. Some topical offerings have added scents, such as citrus. Dosages depend significantly on distribution system. 1-T Liqua-Vade is an anabolic pro-steroid formula that claims to convert 1-Androsterone to 1-Testosterone. 1-T Liqua-Vade is a non-methylated dietary supplement delivered as a 4-5 mL liquid measure, one to two times daily. Suggested ingestion methods include a water mixture or directly through oral syringe. The goal of this supplement is to produce rapid gains in lean muscle mass and strength. Liver Juice works as a natural liver protector, rejuvenator and cleanser. This Milk Thistle extract solution professes to increase production of healthy bile salts and protect against oral steroid induced toxicity. Dosage recommendations include one 5 mL dose, one to two times daily. The product delivery system is oral syringe.

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  • This company offers a range of products. Odds are men looking for dietary supplements will get whatever they want all in one location or through stack purchase.
  • The Primordial Performance website offers a number of education articles regarding men’s health issues. The information does not overly promote Primordial products. It is what it says it is, a basic study guide for fitness and health.
  • Products carry a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with return authorization.


  • As with most supplements of this type, there is little scientific support for the claims made about their products.
  • Any hormone enhancement or oral steroid supplement carries certain risks, such as drug interaction or steroid toxicity. No individual should consider Primordial Product without seeing a doctor first to eliminate health issues such as cancer, epilepsy, depression, cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.
  • Return system only applies to products purchased directly from Primordial Performance via their online store.


Primordial Performance offers a number of products designed to improve and enhance men’s health. While most supplies sound geared towards a target male audience, some would be appropriate for women as well. With all natural or alternative dietary supplements, one must buy with caution. Very few of these style products carry backing from the scientific community. Even fewer have sufficient product trials or FDA approval. If you want an enhancement regiment that covers a lot of ground, the Primordial line is no better or worse than any of the others currently on the market.

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