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Prince of Peace is the dream child of entrepreneur and philanthropist Kenneth Yeung. This organization, headquartered in Hayward, California, is considered an import/export property. They specialize in the Mainstream Mass, Natural Health, Ethnic Asian Marketplace and Overseas Export markets. Princes of Peace states the company grosses over 20 million dollars in annual sales and establishes themselves as “one of the leading edge companies in this niche.” The product line consists of mostly ingestible tonic herbal formulas.


Prince of Peace is not a manufacturer. This business carries products retailed after production by other agents. The Prince of Peace website offers little ingredient information. Investigation into the manufacturer of the Tiger Balm line also produced no specific ingredients for their products. The ginseng plan includes panax quinquefolius and panax ginseng. A number of products from Prince of Peace appear to involve natural ingredients such as Chinese herbs and green tea.

Product Features

Since Prince of Peace is not a manufacturer, the products in their portfolio are all produced by third parties and seem to carry a strong Asian influence. The set consists of pain reducers, health boasters, herbal teas, personal care products, aromatherapy and gourmet foods and confections. The dietary supplements featured by Prince of Peace include items produced by the Mycology Research Laboratories. These properties offer support of the body’s stamina, immune system and claim to reduce fatigue and stress. Many of the vast selection from Prince of Peace contain ginseng used for a plethora of reasons, such as mental well-being and enhanced sexual performance. Overall, it is difficult to assess the impact of a company such as Prince of Peace. Since this business does not produce any of their own products, most reviews fall onto third party vendors.

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  • As a wholesaler operator, Prince of Peace provides an extensive range of products.
  • This company has a commitment to providing all natural ingredients.
  • Prince of Peace is a very community responsible agency. The president, Kenneth Yeung, is a well-known philanthropist. The organization sponsors and funds charity projects such as a Chinese adoption foundation named POP and the Prince of Peace Children’s Home.
  • The products offered at Prince of Peace have limited backing from a number of sports professionals, such as triathlete Chad Hawker.


  • Limited information on the Prince of Peace website. While they do give brief descriptions of their products, there is not much in the way of research data or product ingredients on the site.


p>Prince of Peace is a comprehensive firm that brokers products made by other companies. In their line, Prince of Peace offers the Tiger Pain Relief brand, ginseng products, dietary supplements, cough and cold herbal formulas and gourmet confections. Given the fact that Prince of Peace works strictly as a retail business, they provide a short-sided scope of their products. In the “About Us” section on their website, Prince of Peace states they maintain quality products and professional service to approximately 3,000 wholesale accounts.

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