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The PRISM Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive support system divided into four to six-week sectionals. The product includes daily reading, video presentations and weekly support meetings. PRISM states they intend to be the last weight loss program you will ever need and provide a vehicle for change in attitude and lifestyle.


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Product Features

PRISM Weight Loss program is a Christian, weight loss support network. The company works on a belief that individuals with weight problems and poor eating habits benefit if placed on the right path. The plan utilizes seven key principles for change. The first component puts you on the road to discovering the “True You.” To join this network, select one of four options; take part in an established group, create your own group, use a correspondence program or purchase a six-week starter plan. While many of today’s current systems provide food products, PRISM offers only staff support and online service. Among the tools featured are “Easy Fat Facts” booklet, a food scale, recipe book, counter guides and the program “How to” manual. The website has a separate page to purchase these items. It is unclear whether these tools come as part of the comprehensive payment system.

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  • Website offers a number of testimonials from users that seem genuine.
  • PRISM differs from systems like Jenny Craig or NutriSystem. The money made by this company does not come from food products. PRISM is about educating individuals to eat properly and manage their weight.
  • The program core circles around a Christian foundation. Those who follow this faith will find this a tool that supports not only change, but their lifestyle as well.


  • Pricing information is limited. The “Products” page offers pricing for items such as books or water bottles, but the overall program does not have a price system. Instead, they contact to you. This is often a sales maneuver that forces you to speak to an actual person. Upfront pricing allows you to close the web page if the program exceeds your budget. It is harder to say no to a sales representative.
  • Some individuals might be turned off by the strong, religious undertones. People of other faiths may not be interested in PRISM.


PRISM is an educational, Christian based program designed to teach correct eating habits. The program veers off from the standards of many of today’s commercial systems. There is no prepackaged food to purchase. You can enter the system and join the community groups at little or no charge. However, to obtain the full benefits of this program, you must pay in four to six week cycles. The company provides little information about the individual cycles, but do profess to use seven key principles to formulate a plan. The testimonials on the website provide some information about the process. The diet discourages processed meals, but provides recipes for cooking natural ingredients instead. Those looking for a plan the will support their faith and provide a learning process for eating, might find that the PRISM Weight Loss Program works for them.

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4 User Reviews about Prism Weight Loss Program

  • 1
    Janet Butterbrodt

    I am interested in starting up a Prism weight loss program in my community. How do I get information about doing this?


  • 2
    John Pipkin

    where do I find one of these
    books and how much does one cost?


  • 3
    Carolyn Copeland

    How much does it cost to go on this diet?



    If you go through a group(which I highly suggest-sooo beneficial)it is $55 for Phase 1. I believe its more if you do it alone.