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Just when you think you have seen it all, something new hits the weight loss and health supplement market. One product that you may have never encountered before is Privatest. It is brought to you by The Trump Network, which is also The Custom Health Company. Privatest can be found on the official website, which is Just so you are aware, this is not a weight loss pill.

Unlike most products on the market today, Privatest takes a very different approach to assisting your metabolism. Supposedly once urine test results are in, experts can aid you with improving your overall health, as well as your metabolism. This naturally helps you lose weight more easily.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

Privatest is a test kit that is sent to your home for $139.95. It is not a supplement of any kind, but rather a urine test. This kit is claimed to be a cutting-edge metabolic test. By providing a sample of your urine, professionals then test it in three different ways. The first thing that is screened for is urinary sulfates. This is stated to be a marker for sulfur reserves (concerns the liver’s detoxification process). The second test is a urinary deoxyguanosine or DOG screening. This allows professionals to better determine free radical damage. The third test is called urinary ADMA, which shows how much nitric oxide is in your system. Basically, Privatest is claimed to be a “snapshot” of your body and the way it is functioning. The waste in your urine can help determine the state of your metabolism, as well as what nutrition you are lacking. Each Privatest comes with a prepaid FEDEX box/package for prompt results. However, once this initial step is complete, then you are supposed to move to step two, which is a Custom Essentials multivitamin (this costs $69.95). Then, step three involves retesting your urine in six months (this costs another $99.95).

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  • The Privatest may be able to help some individuals determine if they have any health conditions they should know about.


  • This test is high priced at $139.95.
  • This Privatest will not likely aid with weight loss in any way.
  • Step two and three will cost you another $170.
  • It is difficult to determine if the urine testing results are even legitimate.


All in all, Privatest is not something we would recommend. First of all, the cost of this at-home urine test is pricey. Not to mention the two other steps that follow Privatest. On a separate note, this test is very unlikely to assist you with weight reduction or improving your overall health. It makes more sense to visit a licensed physician if you feel like something is wrong.

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