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Pro-Form Abs is an exercise machine that works to distinguish your abdominal muscles. The premise of the product is to situate your body in the perfect position to work your abs. Pro-Form is a company that operates out of Logan, Utah. This manufacturer produces fitness and strength building equipment that includes exercise bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills as well as ab machines.


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Product Features

The Pro-Form Abs system claims to put your spine in the correct position so that ab exercises will be most effective. This product allows users to perform abdominal exercises off the floor and in an upright position. The Pro-Form Abs design process folds up for easy storage. The machine consists of a headrest, backrest pad, ab strap, seat, and frame. The rear wedge offers a hook resistance strap and pivot option. This allows those working out to add more opposition to their abdominal exercises. This unit ships intact and requires little time to put together. New owners must connect only the resistance straps to the machine in order complete assembly. Included in the manual is a full part listing and pricing guide for replacement pieces. In addition to the Pro-Form exercise unit, purchasers get a workout plan and diet guide. Pricing is currently offered with free shipping. One Abs unit runs around 149.00 dollars. This company offers a limited warranty. Replacement or repair performed through authorized service centers. The customer must pay all shipping charges involved for machines sent to a repair center. Some service centers offer in-home work, but the client may be charged a fee for this service.

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  • Online support and workout programs.
  • Easy assembly
  • Resistance straps for enhanced workouts
  • Fold away design
  • Pro-Form is a well-known company with an established history.


  • Those seeking a total-body workout will require a more comprehensive mechanism. The Pro-Form Abs is strictly for abdominal strengthening.
  • Many home gyms or combined units will provide the same features and include programs for other areas of the body. The additional purchase of a machine just for abdominal workouts may not be cost effective.


The overall reviews of this product are positive. Those seeking a way to strengthen abdominal workouts may find the Pro-Form Abs system a worthwhile investment. The resistance band program offers an additional opportunity to work stomach muscles not found in traditional ab exercises. The problems come is the exclusiveness of the design. Most taking on a body-strengthening program will not want to be limited to abdominal workouts. Comprehensive home gyms will feature many of the same abdominal options. Those seeking total body toning will find this product falls short. It is what it says it is, a way to isolate ab muscles for more effective strengthening and back support.

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    I would like to see some exercise to do on my pro-form amp