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Pro Image is a healthy lifestyle company that was founded in 1995 by Tony Shaw who is also the CEO. The company is privately held and offers nutritional supplements and health and wellness products. The company’s products are a result of a scientific review process and evaluation of independent clinical studies. Most of the company’s weight and diet management products are priced at between $25 and $70.


Pro Image produces a wide variety of weight management and diet supplements including ER – Electro Response, Pro Vitamin Complete, ProTect, Pro Flex, Pro Soarce, Pro Liberator, Pro Greens, Fit Image, Pro Crunch, Pro Enzymes and Pro Silver.

Product Features

Fit Image is a diet pill that gives energy, kills appetite, attacks obesity and has no known side effects. The pill contains a molecule that tricks the brain into believing that one is full. This pill helps one to control their appetite and cravings using its major ingredients which are Hoodia and 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan).

Another Pro Image Product, Electro Response, is a supplement that supports immunity. It supports and normalizes an under supplied, insufficient or hyperactive immune system. It therefore helps to restore correct functioning of the body’s defense mechanisms. Those who wish to aid the support of their immune systems and therefore improve their health can use it.

The Pro Vitamin Complete product is a supplement that contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients. The product contains 178 bio-available naturally occurring nutrients. ProTect is an antioxidant formula which has an antioxidant rating of 3,000 ORAC, which is one of the highest available.

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  • Pro Image products are completely natural and most of them have no known side effects.
  • The Pro Vitamin Complete product contains a combination of most supplements that cover a wide range of nutritional needs. It therefore offers convenience to customers as most health needs are taken care of in one liquid formula.
  • These products not only help one to manage weight, they also boost one’s immune system and provide them with health supplements.
  • Most supplements are not governed by the Food and Drug Agency (FDA). However the Pro Image manufacturing facilities are FDA-inspected and operate under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).


  • Some products such as the Electro Response require consumers to adhere to strict rules such as avoiding the use of metal spoons and cups and keeping the medicine away from electrical appliances including cell phones. These rules are hard to adhere to and may easily be broken.
  • The website is novice at best.
  • There are no testimonials on the site.
  • Consumers are routed to other websites set up by sellers of the product for more information.


Pro Image provides a wide variety of diet pills, health supplements and immune boosters. The website leaves us feeling a bit untrustworthy. The site is set up to convince others to sell the product and even sends the visitor to affiliate sites for more information that look more professional than the main site. The products lines are based on ingredients like Hoodia and 5-HTP which are available in many products with better track records.

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