Pro Trainer QB 3 Review

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Protrainer QB-3 is a dietary supplement that combines natural ingredients to reduce body fat. Protrainer describes the implementation of this product as stimulating the body to burn carbohydrates for energy, as opposed to storing them as fat. According to the website, this approach encourages fat loss, raises your metabolism including the resting rate, helps the body eliminate excess water, boosts a sluggish thyroid, increases the energy level and reduces cravings. Protrainer provides a number of sources for dietary and weight loss supplements including cleansing and fiber products. The company motto is “Pro Nutrition, Pro Results.”


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Product Features

QB-3 works as a fat burner that uses natural ingredient to pump up the body’s furnace. Key features include reduction of carbohydrates as fat, improved energy level, reduced muscle loss, water flushing and increased thyroid production. Protrainer claims to use a well-formulated way to develop their products, including QB-3. The site further states that QB-3 provides comprehensive natural ingredients to build an effective weight loss system. Bottles of QB-3 retail on the website for $30.00. Each bottle contains 120 capsules. The company offers no information about refunds or shipping processes. Protrainer-Online states, QB-3 speaks for itself through the thousands of satisfied, thinner customers who experience the phenomenal results. The site offers limited information about dosages and ingredients.

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  • According to Protrainer, QB-3 contains all natural ingredients.


  • The website offers exceptionally little information on this product.
  • Protrainer states QB-3 has thousands of happy users yet there are no reviews or testimonials available.
  • This product has limited to no third-party distribution. The only website that advertises QB-3 is
  • Protrainer states it has natural ingredients, but does not elaborate.
  • The link that promises to provide more information on QB-3 does not work.


Overall, there is startlingly little information available about this product. Expert sites, known to assess diet supplements, do not mention these or other products offered by this company. Protrainer claims to have carried this product since April 16, 2009. This is a fair amount of time for external resources to retail or review QB-3, yet most seem to ignore the supplement. While this fact alone does not mean QB-3 fails as an effective fat burner. However, Internet users who find a product they respect and appreciate prefer to discuss that product online. The lack of supply would seem to indicate the product is not wide spread. As stunning as the lack of reliable review is, there is a corresponding lack of negative chatter regarding QB-3. Information is insufficient from both the manufacturer and the standard supplement resources. All we have to go on is what Protrainer does state about this product. It purports to be a fat burner that contains all natural ingredients.

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