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ProAlgaZyme is a liquid mineral supplement used in a number of tonics and water products. The formula for the structure involves algae extract known to degrade abnormal fibrin debris that create blood vessel blockage. The company that produces items containing ProAlgaZyme, Heath Enhancement Products, Inc. advertises this recipe as a “freshwater health infusion.” While there is some controversy about the effects of these tonics, an independent study conducted by the Biochemistry Department at Arizona State University does support the fibrinolytic properties of ProAlgaZyme.


The exact ingredients are not listed. The active ingredient is an algae extract. Other possible components include purified water, sodium, magnesium, potassium, boron and calcium

Product Features

Health Enhancement Products, Inc. produces a liquid supplement for total-body health under the trademarked name of ProAlgaZyme. The active ingredient appears to be a rare blend of freshwater algae grown in a farm environment. The manufacturers of this extract also sell their product for use by other companies, such as Recovery X enhanced water. Health Enhancement Products features just one tonic sold in different pack shipments. A single 32-ounce bottle of the liquid supplement currently sells for $24.95, multi-packs (4 to 12 bottles) retail for up to $215.40. Recovery X sells 24 20-ounce bottles for $39.99.

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  • Independent scientific studies support some positive health effects.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Algae used in ProAlgaZyme is grown in a controlled environment.
  • A study reported by the National Center for Biotechnology Information concludes that ProAlgaZyme is well tolerated by the human body. This formula may be an effective treatment for Metabolic Syndrome, a marker for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


  • Lacks FDA approval


Most dietary supplements do not have scientific contribution to prove their effectiveness. This does not seem to be the case for ProAlgaZyme. There are a number of studies by reputable agents about this product’s influence in the dissolution of fibrin gel, a component in stroke and heart attacks. Essentially, it may work to dissolve the substances that block arteries. While this is excellent news, there are some questions remaining regarding ProAlgaZyme. The most pressing question would be why the FDA has not supported the product. The answer might be that no one seems to know ProAlgaZyme’s impact on other systems in the body. The advertisement by Health Enhancement Products, Inc toting ProAlgaZyme as a “total body health product” seems premature. To date, there appears to be no reported side effects from ProAlgaZyme. Those with health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, may benefit from use of ProAlgaZyme, but only with a doctor’s approval.

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    Its works. Somehow I believe the FDA won’t put their stamp on it because it would make many of the pharm products unnecessary as people would be well. And we can’t have people WELL, it cuts into their profits.


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    CieCie Martin

    WHERE CAN I GET ProAlgaZyme


  • 3
    emma morris

    where can i buy proalgazyme please give me the name and contact information of the manufacture


    Leighton Leachman

    It’s no longer called Proalgazyme but Kardiazyme. The product was bought out by Xooma Worldwide.


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    Where can I get proalgazyme water from?



    where can I buy the
    Proalgazyme water.