Procor Ellipitcal Review

Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Precor Elliptical is an in home elliptical machine made by Omni Fitness. Omni Fitness is a well known and respected manufacturer of exercise machine products. They have several different elliptical cross trainer models, but this review will focus on the Precor Elliptical EPX 5.31. Aerobic exercise is recommended by diet and fitness professionals at least three times a week for at least thirty minutes each time, but it also must be combined with some sort of strength training exercise routine at least twice a week to maintain optimal health.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients.

Product Features

The Precor Ellipitcal EPX 5.31 features a variable stride and incline, which is an excellent feature because not everyone is the same size and uses the same stride length when walking. The machine design offers joint comfort and in home convenience, but at nearly $4,000, the price is not going to allow for many to experience the in home convenience. In addition to the variable incline and stride length, there are 10 different pre-programmed workout options that allow users to get used to the machine. The machine also provides electronic feedback and progress on various different factors such as heart rate and calories burned.

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  • Commercial quality.
  • 10 year warranty on parts, lifetime warranty on frame.


  • Very expensive piece of equipment.
  • Size of the equipment may be an issue for some homes.
  • Equipment is very heavy.
  • Buying it is one thing. Using it is another.
  • Does not have anaerobic options.


The Procor Elliptical machines are built for commercial use, and because their price reflects that, many people will only be able to use them at the gym and not at their homes. The website for the Procor Elliptical equipment has plenty of information for the consumer who wants to research and make sure his or her purchases are very informed. A major drawback to this machine is the lack of anaerobic exercise options, as aerobic exercise is only half of the battle. The anaerobic exercise is the body’s only defense against muscle deterioration. If you are looking for a cost effective exercise equipment, you need to keep looking, as this is something you may be able to use in your local gym. Look for something that addresses both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and be sure you combine it with a healthy diet plan that is nutritionally balanced and includes plenty of water.

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