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Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free is an appetite suppressant compound produced by the Canadian company, Abundance Naturally. The manufacturer states Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free is a scientifically balanced blend of herbs and minerals. The product works to curb hunger and reduce cravings while increasing mental alertness and physical energy. Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free purports to boost metabolism to reduce fat and support lean muscle. Abundance Naturally gears products towards mothers and family situations. In a note on the website, the company president states Abundance presents products for the whole family that help you perform optimally during busy lifestyles. This firm also produces Organics for Kids and Bellaboo Skincare for Tweens.


No ingredients listed for this product. The manufacturer states Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free contains a blend of herbs and minerals.

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It is significant to note that the first Proenzi 99 is a common Ephedra product in Canada and not available in the United States. After health concerns regarding use of Ephedrine Hydrochloride, came to light, Abundance Naturally developed a series of Proenzi 99 without this chemical. While the manufacturer will still not ship any Proenzi 99 products, including the Ephedra Free line, to the United States, it is available through other retailers. The original Proenzi 99 is an oral, nasal decongestant that many users also claim helps with weight loss. This would track with the history of Ephedra in general. With this information in hand, Abundance Naturally redirected the purpose of some Proenzi 99 formulas. This new version focused specifically on weight loss and appetite suppression. Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free does not help with nasal decongestion, but only works as a dietary supplement. Abundance claims this system suppresses appetite, reduces cravings and stimulates the metabolism to burn fat and build lean muscle.

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  • According to Abundance, Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free contains nothing but natural ingredients.


  • The lack of an ingredient listing both on the manufacturer’s website and retailers is ambiguous. Since the original version contains a possibly dangerous and addictive herbal substance, the inability to determine the components in the Ephedra Free brand might be troubling to some consumers.
  • Abundance Naturally will not ship this product to the United States. Since by all accounts, Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free contains natural herbs and minerals, one must wonder why the manufacturer does not take advantage of a potentially lucrative market. The company does ship other products to the U.S.
  • Very few reviews by users posted anywhere on the Internet.


Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free is a dietary supplement that promises to suppress the appetite and quench cravings. The original formula is a popular decongestant sold in Canada, but contains a substance banned in the United States. Abundance Naturally has yet to make this product available to consumers in the U.S., but it can be purchased through other retailers. There is no scientific backing offered or implied for Proenzi 99 – Ephedra Free. While many herbal formulas do work to suppress the appetite, Abundance offers no evidence that their product can meet its advertising claims. One should be careful when purchasing any product under the brand name Proenzi 99, since it may be possible to obtain the original formula with Ephedra. Ephedra is a Chinese medicine linked to a high rate of side effects and death. The F.D.A. bans products containing Ephedra.

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2 User Reviews about Proenzi 99- Ephedra Free

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    This stuff works. The FDA banned ephedrine becuAse of deaths, it also becuAse it is used to make meth and they want to control its purchase, that’s why you must sign for it over the counter. So really ephedrine is not banned, it is just controlled. Proenzi will not ship to the states becuAse they can’t, purchase of ephedrine has to be controlled through the u.s.a government, so they just can’t ship it to you. Anyways this stuff really works, lost 30 pounds on it years ago, and kept it off for 10 years without using it again.


  • 2

    I have taken this years ago and it worked like a charm!