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The ProFast Program claims to offer the fastest weight loss that is possible while still being safe. This program centers on liquid meal replacement shakes. Five of these meal replacement shakes make up the diet along with several supplements that will increase weight loss and keep the body full of vitamins and minerals that are not included in the meal replacement shakes.

This diet program was created by the Metabolic Medical Center and limited information about it is available on their website.

List of Ingredients

Meal replacement shakes and vitamin supplements.

Product Features

This program cannot be purchased online and must be supervised by a doctor. However, the Modified ProFast Program can be purchased from the Metabolic Medical Center’s website. The modified program consists of one or two meal replacement protein shakes each day along with one or two meals from a food list included with the program.

Two weeks of the modified program are available for $95, but four weeks of the program is only $135. A one month supply of necessary vitamins is also available for $20, but it is unclear if these vitamins must be purchased in addition to the program or if they are already included when the program is purchased. The meal replacement shake flavors available with the program are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, although cappuccino and banana flavors can also be purchased from their website along with other diet products.

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  • This program claims to provide very fast and very safe weight loss.
  • This program focuses on the importance of getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that are not included in the protein shakes.


  • While some meal replacement shakes are better than others, most people will not want to go on a liquids only diet.
  • The fact that this diet is not available without the consent and supervision of a doctor calls into question its claim on safety. A serious reduction of daily calories consumed and the necessity of regular appointments with a supervising doctor give the impression that this kind of diet is not safe.
  • Since the ProFast Program is a meal replacement program, it will be very difficult for people to maintain their weight loss after discontinuing this diet, because they will nto have learned to eat proper portions of healthy foods.
  • The Metabolic Medical Center’s website does not make it clear how a person could arrange to be put on the ProFast Program other than filling out a form and visiting the Metabolic Medical Center.
  • Since it appears that you have to visit the Metabolic Medical Center in order to be on this diet, people who do not live near Mount Pleasant or Columbia, South Carolina will not be able to try this diet.
  • This program appears to be quite pricy. People looking for a meal replacement shake diet can certainly find a more economical one.
  • This program does not appear to advocate the use of exercise in addition to dieting for the best weight loss results.


The ProFast Program has many faults, from its limited availability to its expense. People who are looking for a solution to their weight loss problems should look elsewhere to find a diet program that is better suited to their needs.

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