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Profast is a program produced by the Metabolic Medical Center. The center currently has two locations, Mount Pleasant and Columbia, South Carolina. The program comes in two levels, basic and the modified version. The basic plan requires supervision and visits to one of the centers. The Profast programs works to provide the most rapid weight loss possible while maintaining safety and effectiveness. Online, one can utilize the modified plan. Both plans require users to take a combination of medications and supplements to improve weight loss.


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Profast is a weight loss program geared to ensure enough protein intake, but at the same time reducing the amount of simple sugar. The Metabolic Medical Center provides a Profast program that must be monitored by an in-house physician. With this plan, one drinks five liquid replacement meals a day plus a combination of medications and supplement to aid in the weight-loss. The modified version of the program is available online and includes two liquid meals and one or two meals from a suggested food list. In addition to the schedule meals, participants ingest vegetables and supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals plus medication. Suggested meals include lean proteins, carbohydrates, and liquids. Liquids for this plan must include five to ten 12-ounce glasses of water, coffee, tea or sparkling water. Participants may have up to four diet sodas a day. Metabolic Medical Center offers some prepackage items to go along with the plan that are optional. Included are beverages, shakes, soups, entrees and snack. These items must be purchase additionally and are not include in the pricing. A two-week option for the modified plan costs $95.00 and a four-week option is $135.00.

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  • The plan provides you a list of foods you can eat.
  • Purchasing the plan online includes the medication and shakes needed to follow the program.
  • This is a reasonable option for those who have problems structuring their own diets.


  • There is little information given about what types of medication you take when you follow this plan.
  • The standard or basic plan is only available to those within traveling distance of the clinic.


Metabolic Medical Center is an organization in South Carolina that has developed a rapid weight loss plan known as Profast. The plan includes shakes, medication and supplements provided by the clinic. For the fastest weight loss, one must be willing to stay in either Mount Pleasant or Columbia and be monitored by one of the physicians associated with the service. This option seems to be a form of fasting. The participant lives essentially on a liquid diet. The online or modified version of the program includes more solid food and less of the liquid shakes. The Metabolic Center websites states most participants lose from eight to ten pounds in the first week and an additional five pound for each following week, While this is a fair drop in weight on a weekly basis, most diet programs and exercise allow you to lose up to two pounds a week safely. The fact that the website fails to list the medication involved is a drawback. The clinics doe states that they guarantee continuing maintenance with their programs.

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