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Professional Fitness is a service headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina that provides services to gym owners who fall into a certain criteria. Once the gym meets those criteria, Professional Fitness works with them to hire and train personal trainers to improve business and profitability. There is no direct connection between Professional Fitness and weight loss, but the trainers linked to the company are fully trained and required to continue education while associated with Professional Fitness.

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Trainer support services for gym owners.

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When a gym owner wants to increase membership, he or she may look to Professional Fitness. The company aims to improve the image of a gym and customer experience so the gym owner can be more profitable. It will cost the gym owner money upfront, but the result should be beneficial for business. Health club owners have a specific list of criteria they must meet before working with Professional Fitness.

Personal Fitness helps convert the gym by replacing current staff or training staff. There are employment positions available through Professional Fitness such as personal trainer, assistant manager and general manager. Due to the fact that Professional Fitness does not own any gyms of their own, we figure these positions will be used to fulfill needs by other gym owners.

In terms of weight loss, we cannot see how one trainer over another will improve weight loss. The information on the website is vague. There is a chance the Professional Fitness team can be hired outside of the gym for personal one-on-one training, but we cannot tell if that service is offered.

There are no prices for personal or gym services listed on the official website. There is, however, contact information for the corporate office of Professional Fitness as well as a contact page.

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  • If personal services are available, the attention could lead to improved fitness.


  • Professional Fitness does not clearly outline the services they provide.
  • There is only one location and that is a corporate office.
  • Some of the information on the website is useless, like the definition of the word recipe.


We spent nearly an hour reading through the Professional Fitness website and never really understand what the company offers. There is reference to personal trainers working with gyms, personal trainers working with people, general managers and assistant managers for gyms and guidelines for gym owners, but no clear definition of products and services provided by the company.

What we do know is that professional personal training is something that could help some dieters loses more weight. If the gym seems to overpowering, dieters can seek out personal trainers to teach them the basic or stick with them until weight loss goals are met. This does not mean supplementation and a good diet won’t help.

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