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Professional Supplements provides products for athletes scientifically engineered to enhance performance, physique and recovery levels. The website states the company goal is to provide athletes with the extra edge that allows them to become elite in their field. Professional Supplements uses a technique called Near-infrared Chemical Imaging to test their products for purity and potency. The motto for their products is “Fueling your body with the quality your deserve!”


The ingredients listing varies per product. Some items include Amino Acid Complex, Karbolyn, Kre-Alkalyn, L-Glutamine, Proprietary Arginine Blend, Beta Alanine, L-Norvaline, Citrulline Malate, Betaine Anhydrous

Product Features

The product line at Professional Supplement provides professional and amateur athletes with supplements to enhance their performance. The portfolio currently has five products Hyperbolic 10, Pure Karbolyn, L-Load, Vyper and Vexacore Heat. Hyberbolic 10 works to eliminate some of the individual supplements that althlete carry with them to the gym. This product combines ingredients to provide 10 essential hyper–growth compounds, anabolic nutrients, cell hydration, increased blood volume and oxygen and nutrient deliver. Pure Karbolyn is a carbohydrate designed to hyper-load muscle tissue with glycogen. L-Load provides glucose and amino acids to add size to the musculature. Vyper and Vexacore Heat are core thermogenics to increase themogenisis, reduce appetite, lower cortisol, regulate insulin and enhance thyroid output. The products in the Professional Line cost from $67.99 to $94.99. Most deliver via capsule with the exception of Prue Karbolyn and Herbolic 10. These two items come in a powdered form.

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  • This product line provides most items needed to enhance athletic performance.
  • Fast shipping. The website states most products deliver within one to three business days.
  • The website provides customer testimonials and celebrity endorsements.


  • Many of these products can cause drug interactions and toxicity.
  • The manufacturer warns Vyper is a strong thermogenic not recommended for those sensitive to stimulants.


Professional Supplements features products for an exclusive group, professional and amateur athletes. The line provides performance-enhancing supplements designed to build muscle and boost endurance. The target customer would be a male bodybuilder or athlete. The company offers some convincing testimonials for their products, but there is much less information available from independent sources. Some of the experts in this niche do not mention this product line and carry the items retail. You can purchase products from a few sources other than the manufacturer, but the availability is limited. The products from Professional Supplement cater to a specific type and should not be taken by those just looking to lose weight. These are performance enhancers not diet aids. Anyone not in top physical condition should seek medical advice before starting a regiment that includes these supplements. Underlying conditions and drug interactions may cause extensive medical problems especially with core thermogenic products such as Vyper or Vexacore Heat. This line is certainly not for the average supplement shopper.

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