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Pro Fight provides sports nutritional supplements designed for serious athletes. The product line from Pro Fight consists of formulas geared towards endurance and strength. The company targets those involved in martial arts, boxing and the bodybuilding arenas. Pro Fight states that since their inception in 2000, they have attempted to meet the ever growing demand for complex sports aides. The product mission proclaims their approach as an honest and simple measure of supplements that work. Pro Fights portfolio consists of four basic categories; Anti-Aging, Fat Burners and Energy, Joint Health and Pro Hormone plus Muscle Builders and Recovery.


Each product contains an exclusive formula. Some common elements include Amino Acid Profile, protein, Creatine matrix, growth factor complex, hGH Stimulator, Synephrine Hcl, Guarana, Caffeine, Green tea Extract, Ginseng, B Complex, L phenylanine, Huperzine A, Evodiamine, Choline and Amiobutyric Acid

Product Features

Pro Fight offers a line that includes muscle building, endurance and healing supplements intended for extreme athletics or bodybuilders. The Anti-Aging category contains just one recipe, HGF Complex. This product promises to restore energy levels, strengthen the immune function and improve skin elasticity. HGF Complex sells for $89.99. The fat burners and energy supplements provided by Pro Fight includes nine different items. Each sells from $29.99 to $59.99 a bottle. In this grouping, Trim N’ Cleanse is a detoxifying formula that claims to reduce the midsection. JPF-1 sits in the Joint Health & Pro Hormone group and provides the nutritional support to repair joints and relieve pain. JPF-1 sells for $49.99 a bottle. For muscle builders, Pro Fight provides a wide array of items, from whey complexes to muscle enhancers. Products under this category range from $23.99 to $120.00 a bottle.

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  • Products have a broad distribution network that includes many recognized sites, such as
  • Each product offers customer evaluation and testimonials.
  • The range of products from Pro Fight promises to provide everything needed for sports supplementation.


  • Lacks F.D.A. approval.
  • These products should not be consider by anyone in questionable health. The Pro Fight line is intended for athletes.


Pro Fight appears to provide a comprehensive set of sports nutritional supplements. The bulk in their portfolio would allow anyone looking for endurance and fitness products to purchase everything required at once. While Pro Fight purports to offer a series geared towards the extreme athletic, their brands include some powerful ingredients that require caution. Unless you are an athletic individual, the products from Pro Fight maybe too extreme for you. Any time a supplements works towards increasing muscle mass or expanding endurance, the risks of toxicity and drug interactions may come into play. If you have any underlying health conditions or take medication on a regular basis, Pro Fight is probably not for you. Most consumers who take supplements from Pro Fight post positive comments regarding the effectiveness.

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5 User Reviews about ProFight

  • 1

    Brought pro fight whey protein from (Xtreme Nutrition New zealand ) Banana flavour. Opened it up and it smelt like paint thinner , burnt my nose . Took it back to be told i couldn’t get a refund as it was opened and it was supposed to smell like that. About four days later they replaced it with another one. Doesn’t smell nearly as bad but dont think ill try it after reading really bad review. Really poor customer service at (Xtreme Nutrition New zealand ) Dont buy from them.


  • 2

    Bought this product once…worse protein supplement i have have ever had…tummy used to get bloated and upset every time. went back to the owner (Xtreme Nutrition New zealand ) complaining about it and dismissed it saying I must be lactose intolerant. I have been taking different supplements for 10 years and never had any issues with any brands apart from profight.
    Not much info or reviews are available about this product. wouldn’t recommend this to anyone as it is really dodgy.


  • 3
    Lee Camacho

    Pro Fight Supplements have been found to be detrimental to the health of humans. In the year 2012, 4 independent labs, NOT associated with Pro Fight, conducted in-depth teting of the Pro Fight Supplements and each lab independently, and with no knowledge of the other labs, found that Pro Fight Supplements contained lead, chalk fillers and other toxic and carcinogenic substances. Pro Fight Supplement owner, Abbas Mussawi(aka Abbas Moussaoui, aka Abbas El-Mussawi) has been cutting corners for years, and thus using highly toxic fillers. % different people, men and women have had seizures and strokes, resulting direcrtly from Pro Fight Supplements.


  • 4
    john clinton

    Great products. I have used trim and cleanse for two months and lost 7 lbs without changing my diet. I recommend this product to anyone looking to lose weight without much efforts.


  • 5
    John Beachy

    I’ve been taken the trim&cleanse for the past two month and I lost around 9 lbs without changing my diet. I feel great on it. I highly recommend it.