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Proflavanol is an antioxidant formula produced by the American organization USANA Health Science. USANA is a public agency that maintains their corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and employ over 900 people worldwide. USANA offers Proflavanol at two different levels, the original formula and Proflavanol 90. Proflavanol lists as a component designed to improve cardiovascular health by employing high concentrations of grape seed extract as it core ingredient. This product, as well as it triple strength sister design, Proflavanol 90, works to combat free radical damage in the body. states this system uses proanthocyanidins with vitamin C in the form of ascorbate salts and ascorbyl palmitate to create a formidable antioxidant supplement.


Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, grape seed extract, ascorbyl palmitate

Product Features

Proflavanol tablets appear to fight free radical damage associated with some degenerative diseases. USANA states that Proflavanol uses a synergistic combination of grape seed bioflavonoids and poly C to promote heart health. The original strength formula sells for $23.93 a 90-count bottle. Proflavanol 90 provides the same basic ingredients but is triple the strength of its predecessor. Proflavanol 90 retails for $44.34 (56-count bottle). Both products promise to correct nutritional deficiencies that may contribute to cardiovascular disease. USANA states, “Our heart health supplements are specially designed to support healthy heart function.” The website offers no explanation on who would benefit from the advanced preparation of Proflavanol 90.

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  • USANA is a powerful nutritional and personal-care product company with worldwide net sales in 2008 of over $429 million dollars.
  • Most products from USANA, including Proflavanol, have a wide distribution system that includes over fourteen world markets.
  • A company as large as USANA contains a full laboratory and does many clinical trials of their products.


  • Lacks F.D.A. approval.
  • There is little specific data offered about the action of Proflavanol or Proflavanol 90 regarding free radical damage restoration.


USANA is a large company that produces many products. The Proflavanol line is described as an antioxidant that promotes cardiovascular health. The base ingredients for the Proflavanol series include Vitamin C and Grape Seed Extract. USANA claims this partnership will support healthy heart function. While there is a lot of information provided on the USANA website regarding Proflavanol and Proflavanol 90, once broken down it lacks specificity. There are no direct or scientific offerings to explain the role of this supplement. Nothing states it works to increase the blood flow to the heart or reduces plaque deposits. After reading through the documentation, the consumer is left confused by the jargon. Even with the extensive references provided, the product description comes off as hype and promotion that lacks factual clarity. The information refers to free radical environmental bombardment, but fails to explain the role Proflavanol takes in repairing this sort of damage.

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2 User Reviews about Proflavanol

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    L. Kelley

    Proflavanol is fine for adults and children. It is a powerful antioxidant, yes, but it goes by weight. For a child, 20-30 miligrams is fine. It is very effective for allergies (that’s why it helped with the skin), symptoms (itchy eyes, runny nose, post nasal drip), and does wonders for asthma. I’ve used it day-in and day-out for almost 20 years. The nutritionist who introduced it to me gave it, and the USANA children’s vitamins to his very young children, and recommended it for ADHD, allergies and other things. Because it is a natural anti-inflamatory, I HIGHLY recommend it.


  • 2
    Luchi Ann Lagman

    A friend gave me a bottle of Proflavanol, she told me it is very effective for ectopic dermatitis, she gave it to her 14month old grandson and his skin improved. I give have tablet to my 1 year old daughter and true enough her skin asthma is not so bad anymore, but I have read somewhere they are not recommended for babies or children. Should I stop giving it to her? Her skin has never been so smooth but Im afraid of long term effects on her if I keep giving it.