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ProForm Abs is an abdominal workout machine that supports the spine and neck while the user works mid-section muscles. Typically, ab machines all work the same way, but ProForm Abs offers support that no other machine has been able to provide. The skeleton like frame is created with four back pads and a bendable “spine” The “spine” is rigid enough to cause resistance making abdominal workouts more effective. Users can choose to sit on the machine facing the pads or away from the pads, as desired. Two hand grips attached to the machine allow users to twist, pull and move while using upper body muscles in addition to mid-section muscles.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal machine with hand straps and a supportive “spine”.

Product Features

ProForm Abs does not claim to increase weight loss. Instead, the company described the machine as being useful for defining abs and increasing flexibility in the lower back. The broad base is supportive enough to allow the user to move in several directions and change directions on a dime. One piece of information is missing from the online literature – total weight limit. For some dieters, working on abdominal muscles is an easy way to add cardiovascular exercise without pounding the pavement and causing leg and heel pain. Simply moving in circles on the ProForm Abs machine will be enough to elevate heart rate and burn calories for someone who is not a gym goer. Most home gym equipment will have a weight limit of 250 pounds, but this would only be an assumption for the ProForm Abs machine.

ProForm Abs does not offer an instructional video, so dieters may have trouble figuring out how to use the machine in the best possible way to lose weight. There is also no information about assembly. Typically there will be some assembly required and from the look of the machine, assembly could be more difficult than comparable machines.

The ProForm Abs machine retails for $149.00. Currently, free shipping and handling is available online.

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  • Works both mid-section and upper body.
  • Could be used as cardio for some dieters.
  • Supports neck and spine.
  • Includes arms in the abdominal workout.


  • Priced higher than other abdominal machines.
  • No weight limit listed on the website.
  • No instructional video on best methods of use.
  • Not listed as a weight loss machine.


ProForm Abs could be a great machine for people who have already met their weight loss goals. With so many overweight and obese people out there today, that means very few people will see any definition using the machine. If the company were to list a weight limit, the ProForm Abs machine could be used as a total body workout for dieters with very little gym experience.

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