ProForm Recumbent Bike Review

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What You Should Know

ProForm has a line of cycles that are made to fit each and every person’s fitness needs. Their Recumbent Bicycles are fully equipped with a variety of standardized and customized features that will ensure that you will reach your fitness goals. ProForm is typically known for their treadmills, but now that the company has thoroughly expanded to include different spinners, abs equipment, elliptical machines, and other exercise equipment, they are just as reputable, even more so, than they ever have been. ProForm uses the most innovative technology and latest advances in cushioning, electronics, and durability in order to create exercise products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.


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Product Features

The ProForm Stationary Bicycle Series, like other at-home exercise bikes, is able to be used at anytime, in any weather, in your home. They are designed to offer an extensive workout to people of all ages and levels, regardless if you are a beginner or even if you are an expert competitor. Exercise bikes can also be enjoyed while reading a book or watching television and listening to music. ProForm created the Recumbent Bike, to surpass all of the standardized features of an exercise bike. Recumbent means to lie down, and ProForm’s philosophy was essentially to train in a recumbent position in order to have full back support without causing stress in the neck, arms, and shoulders – the typical effects of using an average upright bike. There are different ProForm Recumbent Bikes to choose from including the 480 CSX and the 385 CSX. The ProForm 480 CSX is made from a magnetic resistance freewheel which allows for a smooth and quiet workout. There are 10 preset workouts to choose from and 12 levels of resistance to ensure that you are able to maximize your workout. The ProForm 385 CSX is similar to the 480 CSX in the sense that it has several preset workouts and switches. Both bikes come fully equipped with touch screen technology and an extensive warranty as well.

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  • Able to be used at anytime, in any weather, inside your home.
  • Bikes are made to be upright to avoid any neck or shoulder pain.
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • May not be motivating for everyone – some people need to go to a gym to stay motivated.
  • Might not be available in stores.


ProForm is known for their quality products sold at valuable prices. Today, exercise bikes are a prime choice for at-home fitness. The ProForm Recumbent Bike Series delivers an extensive line of benefits to people of all ages and expertise.

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  • 1
    Dave M

    I purchased a proform gs80 a few years back It had a bucket seat-Can it still be purchased with a bucket seat ?


  • 2
    Jean Cloninger

    Do you have a phone number I can talk to someone about my recumbent bike?


  • 3
    Jean Cloninger

    do you have a book for a 2006 proform 90 recumbent bike. An XP 90 classic view backup console?