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Progenex Dairy Bioactives Inc. was formulated and created by Dr. Scott Connelly. Dr. Connelly had been researching for decades the dairy bioactive whey fractions, peptide sequences, and how they overall regenerate. Progenex is all about the benefits of milk. Milk is known to have extremely high levels of protein and Progenex was created to help fitness devotees excel in their workouts by reaping the benefits of a protein-rich diet. Progenex products are derived from high concentrations of minute protein fragments which are bioactives that mainly come from non-fat milk. After decades of research, Dr. Connelly has proven that these bioactives speed up the muscle recovery, growth, and repair process, as well as increased strength during the entire process.


Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Natural Cocoa Powder, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Aspartame, Milk, Soy, Growth Factor Enriched Whey Protein Concentrate, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Sucralose.

Product Features

Progenex is a powerful dairy protein supplement that is geared to help with the muscle growth, recovery, and strength process. It is proven that Progenex’s dairy bioactives are up to 250 times more concentrated than any other product in the same category on the market. Aside from the muscle growth and recovery process, Progenex contains the necessary chemicals and molecules to synchronize cell differentiation and increased cell growth. Progenex is said to be the future of regenerative medicine. Many professional athletes as well as typical amateur fitness addicts swear by Progenex and its benefits. Progenex is known to be a part of the daily lives of NFL, NBA, Olympic, bodybuilders, and UFC athletes. Progenex has a variety of products that can be purchased directly through their website including Recovery, which is proven to completely rejuvenates muscle fatigue and cell formulation in merely a few hours as compared to the typical recovery process of at least three days. More Muscle is another whey protein supplement that is proven to increase your muscle mass in both size and strength. Finally, Growth is another supplement that is proven to dramatically increase muscle mass. Progenex products can be purchased directly through their website and also offer a blog for comments and testimonials.

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  • Progenex is proven to be effective in muscle recovery and muscle growth. Dr. Connelly had spent decades researching the bioactives that Progenex is made of.
  • Trusted and used by hundreds of professional athletes.


  • Is only made for men.
  • This is more suitable for professional muscle builders, and not a product for weight loss.
  • Is not found in most stores, only on website.


Progenex is a beneficial supplement that uses dairy bioactives to aid in muscle growth and recovery. It is trusted by many professional and amateur athletes worldwide.

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  • 1

    i wants 90strips, which vendore are in BANGALORE.


  • 2

    Ok seriously…who says that its for men only??? That is just absolutely ridiculous. I take progenex more muscle in the morning AND at night while cycling creatine. I crossfit and am a fit woman with muscle definition. I love how progenex tastes because I mix it with water only. Have noticed recovery time increased, fat loss and muscle gain. LOVE IT. C’mon ladies!


  • 3

    I swear by it and have been using it after vigorous CrossFit workouts. Recovery time is greatly reduced and muscle soreness is almost non-existent. Try it for yourself. If you use coupon code ECG10, you get 10% off all Progenex products.


  • 4

    I drink a muscle recovery shake (with a cup of almond milk) 30 min prior to my WOD and have felt a considerable increase in recovery speed along with more energy during my workouts compared to drinking my usual daily protein shakes!! I am a FAN!!


  • 5

    Have you tried it? It worked for me–I used it after a very vigorous workout that would normally zap my energy for the next 7 or 8 hours, but my energy level was fine after taking Progenex immediately post-workout. I have to be protective of my energy level since I’m an “older” athlete (39), so I’m glad there’s something out there that can help.


  • 6
    Informed Consumer

    There’s no evidence for any of the claims in Progenex’s marketing. It’s just whey protein until they prove that there’s something else in it, or that it outperforms regular old (1/10th the price) whey. Don’t be fooled.



    I totally agree. I called the “experts” phone # from the Progenics website and asked for copies of peer reviewed research backing up these claims and was sent to the facebok page. I don’t see what makes this product diffrent from other quality protein supplements out there!?!


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