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What You Should Know

Your hands are a critical part of your body, as they are the direct link between your brain and virtually anything you do aside from thinking. Without our hands we are practically useless and life would be an immense challenge to go through day to day functioning. Strong hands are essential to athletes especially, as they depend on the extensive strength, endurance, and dexterity in their hands. Every finger on your hand is empowered by a separate system of muscles and tendons located in your hand, wrist, and forearm. Your overall hand power is generated by larger muscles in your forearm and more intricate movements are controlled by smaller muscles in the actual hand. Your wrist functions as the bridge that enables the interaction between the hand and forearm. Ultimately, your hand works by five separate systems that in essence work together to allow you to do virtually anything.


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Product Features

Gripmaster offers an effective product, Prohands, which allows for each finger to separately strengthen and thus build an overall stronger grip. Prohands is designed to maintain the health and conditioning of your hands by working each muscle separately and then as a whole. This enables you to maintain the flexibility and dexterity of your hands whether or not you are a training athlete. Prohands ultimately isolates and exercises each finger while increasing strength in your hand. Prohands is made for larger size hands and those needing excessive grip power for activities such as weapons retention, rock climbing or martial arts. Prohands is available in 7, 9, and 11 pounds per finger strengths. Aside from the Prohands product, Gripmaster is the sister product that can be used to increase your grip strength. Many reviews have praised Prohands and the Gripmaster, saying that it is very easy to use and able to be used practically at any time. Finally, Prohands is very affordable, where it is sold for approximately $14.00 and can be found in several fitness stores and online.

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  • Effectively strengthens each finger separately.
  • Proven to increase strength in hands.
  • Is ideal for athletes or athletes-in-training
  • Is very affordable and can be found in several stores.


  • Is made for slightly larger sized hands – will not work for everyone.


Since our hands are so important for everyday use, we need to constantly strengthen them. Prohands allows for each finger to be strengthened separately so you can overall increase your grip and power in your hands. Prohands is recommended for everyone.

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