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Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Projoba Slim is marketed as “the world’s first and original Simmondsin formulation”. This product claims to utilize the perfect dosage of active Jojoba, that was figured out after some double-blind clinical trials. Projoba Slim also claims that it is the only weight loss product in existence that uses the Jojoba plant as its main (and only) ingredient.

The official Projoba Slim website claims that this product is a very powerful appetite suppressant, and that it works the best when used in conjunction with another product by the same manufacturer called Pollen BurstT. Projoba Slim is actually part of something called the Skinny Cow diet. Apparently, 30 years ago, some farmers decided to add Jojoba pulp into their cow’s feed to help them get fatter. The result was that the cows seemed to lose a lot of weight instead. There is no independent information listed about the farmer, farm, or any of this actually happening, but it’s a nice story featured on the official Projoba Slim website.

List of Ingredients

Projoba Slim contains: Jojoba Extract (containing Simmondsin) 1000 mg. Other Ingredients:
Vegetarian Capsule, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium Silicate.

Product Features

Projoba Slim only contains Jojoba, which makes it 100% natural with little chance of side effects. The Jojoba extract allegedly suppresses your appetite without any side effects whatsoever. There are some testimonials, weight management tips, and presentations on the official website that seem professionally done and are informative.

Projoba Slim is sold directly from the manufacturer for $49 per bottle, which seems a little high for a product that contains one appetite suppressant only.

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  • Projoba Slim is all-natural.
  • Projoba Slim has an easy to use and informative website.


  • There are no energy boosters or fat burners in Projoba Slim.
  • This product is fairly expensive at almost $50 for one bottle.
  • The official website claims that this product is clinically proven, but they don’t post any data from the double-blind clinical trials that are mentioned.


Projoba Slim seems like it might be a good product for those on all-natural diets who are looking for a different appetite suppressant than the popular Hoodia Gordonii. We like the fact that the official website offers an amusing story to accompany the product, and that it has some testimonials and weight management tips, but there just isn’t enough information to let us decide if Projoba Slim is worth the money. It would be nice if it included an all natural fat burner or had a free trial program of some kind. We’re still a little hesitant about Projoba Slim at this time, since Jojoba extract just doesn’t seem proven enough as an appetite suppressant and Hoodia Gordonii is still very popular and much cheaper.

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