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Prolab Advanced Caffeine offers much more than caffeine. We’ve reviewed thousands of supplements with caffeine as the main ingredient and many fall short or contain too much caffeine to be safe for all dieters. Prolab Advanced Caffeine does include quite the caffeine punch, but the company does choose to include various forms of tea, which is a good choice. However, in addition to that caffeine punch – this product is more advanced than we’d like on the stimulant side.

List of Ingredients


  • Calcium
  • White Tea Extract
  • Guarana Extract
  • Kola Nut Extract
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chocamine Cocoa Extract

Product Features

Calcium is listed first on the ingredient list. There are clinical studies that prove calcium can help the body shed more fat. That is why all those milk commercials about losing weight drinking more milk suddenly appeared on your television not too long ago.

White tea and green tea extract are awesome ingredients. Both contain at least a bit of caffeine and EGCG. EGCG is a proven metabolism booster that does NOT stimulate so the dieter can take tons of EGCG and not feel one bit of increased energy.

From there the supplement gets a little jittery. Guarana, kola nut, green coffee extract and Chocamine cocoa are all stimulants. Packing one stimulant on top of another and another does not increase the effectiveness of a supplement, but it can increase the risk of side effects. You are likely to feel shaky and maybe even a bit nauseous after taking this supplement.

We were unable to find testimonials from people who’ve tried this supplement. There are no before and after photos showing weight loss of any kind, despite the fact that the ingredients are commonly used in fat burners. This supplement does not contain all the ingredients needed to create a proven weight loss supplement, but it’s not far off.

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  • Prolab Advanced Caffeine contains two forms of tea extract.
  • We found the ingredient list without problem.
  • There is caffeine in this supplement.
  • Calcium is proven to help dieters lose more fat.


  • Contains too many stimulants for some dieters.
  • This supplement may cause some dieters to feel nauseous or jittery.


Prolab Advanced Caffeine is all about increasing energy. While we love the effects of green tea, white tea and caffeine – we do not like these ingredients all packed together without an appetite suppressant. Appetite suppression is needed to counteract the increased hunger some dieters feel after taking caffeinated supplements.

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