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When a dieter looks for protein, the nutritional label must read few calories, little fat and high protein. The bodybuilder looks for something different. Prolab Isolate is a whey isolate protein powder with a strong amino acid profile and digestive enzymes to help the protein break down faster. Protein is delivered to muscles during workouts and recovery so muscles have all the energy and food they need to grow. ProLab Isolate offers everything the bodybuilder needs in a simple protein and everything the dieter looks for in a protein powder. The only problem with the powder is the lack of vitamin profile. Vitamins are typically added to protein powders used as meal replacement shakes. This product is not used for meal replacement, so the dieter should use it only for snacks or as additional protein in healthy shakes and smoothies.

List of Ingredients

Whey Protein Isolate, Taurine, Glutamine Peptides, Digestive Enzymes – Amylase, Neutral Protease, Lactase, Lipase and Cellulase.

Product Features

If a dieter looked at the nutrition label on the average meal replacement shake they would be amazed by the amount of sugar in the formula. Sugar is the main ingredient in many meal replacement products. Sugar acts against the dieter as it causes a rise in glucose. When the body no longer needs increased glucose, it drops and sometimes that drop does not stop before glucose falls too low. Low glucose triggers hunger and the cycle of snacking and overeating begins.

ProLab Isolate may not contain all the vitamins the dieter needs in a meal, but it does contain a lean source of protein with only 1 gram of carbohydrates and no simple sugars. Dieters can add a vitamin powder or throw some spinach and fruit into a smoothie and enjoy the benefits of a healthy meal without added simple sugar.

Bodybuilders looking for a simple protein that is easily digested will love this product. There is no creatine or other bodybuilding supplements, so the powder can be used to boost protein levels in pre-workout and post-workout shakes.

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  • All ingredients for ProLab Isolate are listed online.
  • The powder is priced competitively with other bodybuilding supplements.
  • Dieters can add the powder to a smoothie to boost protein without adding carbohydrates.


  • Does not contain stimulants or weight loss ingredients.
  • May be more expensive than weight loss shakes.


Protein is proven to suppress appetite between meals, so the dieter gets muscle preserving protein and appetite suppression for a small caloric impact. The bodybuilder gains a lean source of simple protein to add to other bodybuilding shakes or use as a snack between meals. ProLab Isolate is a clearcut product without frills.

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