ProLab N Large 2 Review

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Companies selling bodybuilding supplements are constantly on the coals for ingredient choices. ProLab is especially in hot water after changing some supplement ingredients without telling the consumer. ProLab N-Large 2 is a weight gainer with some controversial ingredients. Bodybuilders often workout for hours in the gym fatiguing muscles, recovering and doing it all over again. This causes a huge number of calories to burn away and weight loss will result unless the bodybuilder takes a gainer. The trouble with most gainers, like ProLab N-Large 2, is the source of calories. Simple carbohydrates increase blood glucose and cause hunger. If a gainer pushes simple sugars on the bodybuilder, it is not safe if the bodybuilder is diabetic or sensitive to sugar. Low carbohydrate bodybuilders cannot use sugar-laden gainers.

List of Ingredients

Maltodextrin, Fructose, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors and Artificial Flavors.

Product Features

The first problem with ProLab N-Large 2 is the lack of complete ingredient list. There is whey protein in the supplement but that ingredient is not listed with the other ingredients. There are 600 calories per powdered serving. The total calorie intake increases when the powder is mixed with milk. Of those 600 calories, about 200 come from lean protein (52 grams); the rest comes from fat and carbohydrates. There are a total of 86 carbohydrates per serving. That is a huge amount of sugar to consume in one drink. The product description claims the carbohydrates are fast and slow absorbing, but all we see is sugar and fruit sugar.

As if the carbohydrate level was not bad enough, one serving of ProLab N-Large 2 contains about 60% of recommended cholesterol for the day. This does not include the total cholesterol in milk or other foods consumed throughout the day.

This product is not created for weight loss. There are no vitamins or nutrients in the shake mix. The calories are empty and the dieter will likely gain weight and feel extremely hungry after taking ProLab N-Large 2.

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  • Some of the ingredients are listed on the official ProLab website.
  • Contains a lean source of protein.
  • Will cause weight gain.


  • The carbohydrate source is all sugar.
  • A complete ingredient list is not available from ProLab.
  • Contains a huge amount of cholesterol.
  • Calorie total may exceed 1,000 per serving with whole milk.


Weight gainers are used by many bodybuilders to support muscle mass, but there are protein supplements with fiber-rich carbohydrates from oat and other grains. We have no idea the source of carbohydrates in this supplement, but we know maltodextrin and fructose are added to the formula. This supplement will cause weight gain, but it could also cause negative side effects.

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