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Propolene is a diet supplement in the form of a capsule and aims to reduce body fat, hence reducing a person’s body weight. This diet pill was manufactured by the Obesity Research Institute LLC. Similar to numerous other weight loss programs and supplements, Propolene is intended to be paired with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise routine. A key ingredient found in Propolene is known as Glucomannan. This is a “100 percent natural fiber,” which comes from a Konjac root.

Excelerene, which contains ingredients like green tea, Kola-nut, Bitter Orange, Chromium, Vitamins B12 and B6, is yet another dietary product sold by the Obesity Research Institute. This supplement is commonly sold with Propolene and is taken twice daily, so that they can work in unison. Both diet supplements are manufactured in the United States. Propolene is intended to be taken before each meal, up to three times per day. The Obesity Research Institutes claims that there are no known side effects associated with these products. Overall Propolene and Excelerene are stated to be “100 percent natural” diet supplements. Like other weight loss programs and products, the amount of weight each individual user loses varies. The cost of Propolene will vary depending upon how many doses the user takes per day. The recommended dosage of Propolene is stated as twice per day with eight ounces of water.

List of Ingredients

Primary components found in Excelerene are green tea, Kola-nut, Bitter Orange, Chromium, Vitamins B12 and B6. Propolene offers an active ingredient called Glucomannan, which is a 100 percent natural fiber (extracted from a Konjac root.)

No full list found.

Product Features

The diet supplements Propolene and Excelerene are intended for individuals trying to lose excess body weight (fat). These weight loss supplements appear to be marketed primarily toward women, but may be okay for men as well. Propolene is basically a capsule that’s to be taken ideally twice each day along with eight ounces of water per dose.

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  • The official Propolene website offers the product for sale online.
  • Propolene is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Propolene is offered on the official website with an additional free bottle.
  • Propolene comes in a simple capsule form that’s conveniently taken with water.


  • There is no significant clinical research or product trial/development data posted on the product website to prove the effectiveness of Propolene.
  • Consumer testimonials are absent from the official website.
  • Some users may be allergic to certain ingredients in Propolene.
  • A complete ingredient list is absent from the official website.
  • The official website is reads like a massive ad or infomercial and offers very little solid product information.


Propolene is merely one of countless diet products and supplements gracing the market at this time. While it does offer an appealing money-back guarantee, some other trends followed by the product manufacturer, along with what we can find out about the product itself, may raise a few concerns. Propolene could appear more attractive to dieters if the official website offered a complete ingredient list, substantial clinical support and a few testimonials from past consumers. In the end, it’s prudent to examine all diet programs prior to selecting one for usage.

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