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PHF Supplements introduces ProtoMax. The supplement is a prohormone, of which there are literally thousands on the market. The government tried to control prohormones in 2005 by placing many of the most popular on a controlled substance list. The government did not take into account that prohormones are chemicals and, as such, can be altered in a lab. If a formula is controlled, all a chemist has to do is change one small part of the formula and a new prohormone is created. There is no way for the government to keep up with all the small changes, so the battle against prohormones seems to have fallen in favor of the bodybuilder.

Warnings associated with prohormones should be heeded. The label will often suggest PCT, or post cycle therapy, after taking a 4 to 6 week cycle of prohormone. The total cycle length will depend on the supplement and the bodybuilder. Some bodybuilders can only take prohormones for one to two weeks before feeling negative side effects, while others can take the full course.

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There’s not much to say about the only ingredient in this formula. It is a chemically altered prohormone that will increase lean muscle mass and strength. The effects of prohormones are limited to the time when the supplement is taken. While some of the effects will stick around after the cycle, most are lost and that is a big downside to prohormones.

In addition, prohormones cause increased blood pressure, potential liver damage and increased cholesterol. Headaches, muscle aches and water retention are also common. These side effects appear in the beginning of the cycle for some bodybuilders and at the end of the cycle for others. Post cycle, supplements need to be taken to reduce the effect on the liver, cholesterol and blood pressure, which is why most PCT supplements include ingredients for just that purpose.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • The supplement is available from the manufacturer.
  • Will increase

lean muscle and strength.


  • Should be taken with liver support.
  • PCT must follow the prohormone cycle.
  • Not designed for dieters.
  • Will not reduce body weight.
  • Effects are not long-lasting.


Using prohormones is like playing Russian roulette. Sometimes they will cause negative side effects and other times they will not. The effects will not last forever and most bodybuilders stay away from prohormones because the side effects are far worse than any increased muscle mass. Dieters should not take any prohormones for weight loss. They will not promote metabolism or decrease hunger. Increased muscle mass will be lost after the cycle, but side effects may stick around for quite some time.

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