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What You Should Know

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Providia Life Sciences is a middle man, of sorts, that promotes other manufacturers products for profit, we assume. One website is dedicated to Michael Thurmond, the creator of the 6 Week Body Makeover, and all the products Thurmond supports. The fat burner listed on that website is created by Providia Life Sciences. Another website sells an audio program for increased fat loss. The website is owned and operated by Providia Life Sciences as well.

List of Ingredients

5 Way Metabolic Fat Burner: Vitamin B6, Green Tea Extract, Chromium, Herbal Thermogenic Blend and Water Balance Complex.

Product Features

Providia Life Sciences sells weight loss products and services developed by other companies and supported by Michael Thurmond. The Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond, for instance, is listed on the website for sale. This same program is available on several other websites as well. The products include cookbooks, workout DVDs and audio CDs. The only supplement listed is the 5-Way Metabolic Fat Fighter. There is also a three step makeover process available on the website. The program asks questions and then helps the dieter to find a weight loss program that fits their needs.

In addition to the product supported by Michael Thurmond, there is also a link to Smart Fat Loss. This program claims to automatically increase fat loss to 25 pounds in just six weeks. This program is not affiliated with the 6 Week Body Makeover as far as we can tell. The program sells for $119 but the buyer need only pay $19 to start, plus shipping and handling.

Taking a look specifically at the supplement supported by Providia Life Sciences and Michael Thurmond, we are a bit concerned that no ingredient list could be found. The listed ingredients above were found in the forum as one dieter was remarking on the makeup of the supplement. In order for a dieter to trust a weight loss supplement, they must know what is in the supplement. We can assume the Thermogenic Blend will include some stimulants and the Water Balance Complex some diuretics, but which ones and how much of each herb is not provided. We do know the supplement, when ordered, is placed on an auto-ship program and two month’s supply are sent every 60 days for about $40 plus shipping and handling.

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  • Michael Thurmond is a trusted name in weight loss.
  • The fat burn supplement is cheaper than most weight loss products.


  • There is some confusion about what stake Providia Life Sciences has in the websites.
  • No ingredient list for the fat burner could be found.


It looks like Providia Life Sciences develops products and then partners with a trusted name in weight loss, or tries to, and promotes the supplement or product along with other weight loss support. At this time, the official website for Providia Life Sciences does not offer enough information to gain our support.

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