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Puralin is a weight loss supplement and diet program that claims to help dieters lose weight by implementing their Ultra-Low Dose Therapy technique. The formulation is said to be completely safe, non-toxic and derived from natural ingredients. Puralin also claims dieters should notice results in 60 days. The formula and diet plan appears to be created for diabetics.

The diet and supplements are said to help dieters maintain a lifestyle change, not a diet, and prescribes dieters a restricted diet plan to achieve that balance. It is mostly marketed towards dieters with pre-diabetic or diabetic conditions, claiming to help ease those symptoms while providing steady, long term weight loss. No word on if Puralin is available in stores but it is sold online for around $7.00 per package, which is very inexpensive for a diet supplement. Of course, it is questioned if Puralin’s benefits are from the diet itself instead of the diet pill, and the ingredients contained in Puralin have questionable benefits.


Puralin’s weight loss capsules contain Calcarea Carbonica, Carbo Vegetabilis, Fucus Vesiculosus, Carbo Mineralis, Kali Carbonicum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Sepia Officinalis, Thuja Occidentalis, Lactose, Croscarmellose Sodium, and USP.

Product Features

Puralin claims to help dieters lose weight through their natural blend of ingredients and through their diet plan, which is supposedly diabetic-friendly. One of their main ingredients, Fucus Vesiculosus, may provide some metabolic benefits such as correcting sluggish metabolism for people suffering from thyroid disorder. This is not saying that dieters with normal metabolisms will experience an increase in metabolism. It is mainly used to correct slower metabolisms for people diagnosed with these disorders, however. Puralin’s other ingredients do not appear to contain any diet-related benefits.

Puralin’s diet plan is a curious one. It is very restrictive and usually limits the caloric intake to roughly 1200 calories per day which is at the end of what is considered a safe dietary intake. Many speculate this is where the actual weight loss is coming from, not the actual pill. Since the supplement does not appear to contain many scientifically-backed ingredients, it might be assumed that this is why Puralin puts a bigger emphasis on their diet plan.

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  • Uses naturally-derived ingredients.
  • Is extremely inexpensive — one package costs around $7.00.


  • Only contains a few ingredients proven to provide weight loss benefits.
  • Some speculate if the diet plan is where the real weight loss is coming from.
  • Appears to be targeted only to diabetics.


Puralin offers a natural supplement for diabetic dieters seeking natural choice, but there are few studies demonstrating any positive dietary benefits. The diet plan appears to be a low calorie diet, however, which is balanced with sensible meals and may be the source of any weight loss. Still, we do recommend speaking with a physician before beginning any diet regimen, especially if you are diagnosed with diabetes.

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    How does this work?


  • 2
    gerri wilson

    does puralin have a experation date?


  • 3

    i have recently had thyroid cancer and have had my thyroid removed and am now on ‘levoxyl’ .175 mcg/day is there anything in puralin that might be harmful to someone with this situation


  • 4

    I have lot #0411112 in tablets. I’ve had for a long time. There is no expiration date on them. Are they still safe? and effective?


  • 5

    how can I find out all the ingredients of Puralin’s diet strips? Thank you