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There are various types of exercise that can assist you with getting fit and shedding pounds. While some people prefer kickboxing, others go for step classes, intense yoga, or Pilates. The wonderful aspect of it all is selection. You can literally try a number of exercise classes or fitness regimens, and then decide which one you enjoy most. After all, enjoying the exercise will certainly motivate you to do it regularly, and lose real weight. In this piece, we are going to take a closer look at Pure Barre. This is one type of exercise that was founded by a dancer.

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Pure Barre is an exercise technique that combines Pilates, ballet, and weights. Put simply, this is supposed to give you an intense and total body workout. Pure Barre helps burn away fat, tone arms, flatten abdominals, and thin thighs. A single session of this exercise lasts for 55 minutes, and it is claimed to be the safest way to change your body. The dancer, choreographer, and fitness expert who founded Pure Barre is Carrie Rezabek. The very first studio she opened was back in 2001, and located in Birmingham, MI. Now she has a staff of 30 employees working for her.

At this point, there are a Pure Barre studios located across the United States. The official website provides a link that allows you to find studio locations, schedules and pricing. There is also a link to shop for DVDs, podcasts, and other products. Some testimonials are presented on the main website, along with a “contact us” page. There is also some press and media presented on Pure Barre studios. Unlike some workout centers and gyms, franchise opportunities are also available through Pure Barre.

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  • This type of exercise encourages a whole body workout.
  • Both strength training and cardio exercises are incorporated.
  • There are studios located across the country.


  • This type of workout appears to be geared toward women only.
  • There are no convenient supplement formulas involved with Pure Barre.
  • The rates for classes are not clearly posted on the main website.
  • There is no mention of a refund option with these classes.


All in all, the Pure Barre approach to weight loss and getting in shape is certainly unique and interesting. In fact, many women who enjoy Pilates and dance may go for a class like this. Unfortunately Pure Barre does not really seem to be suitable for men. Also, there are no prices posted for classes on the official website, which will bother some individuals. You may want to contact a nearby Pure Barre studio in order to learn more, if you are interested in this type of exercise.

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    Has anyone else beside me had knee clicking and ankles hurting to point of not being able to run in place without pain after starting pure barre classes?


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    Carol Golden

    are there classes that you attend? Is it available where I live?


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