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There are all sorts of interesting weight loss products and dieting gimmicks available today. Therefore you really need to do a little research prior to choosing a supplement formula or diet pill to assist you with fat loss or calorie burning. It is important to know what ingredients are used in the product, and whether or not they are safe. This way you can shed unwanted pounds, but remain healthy at the same time. In this review, we are going to examine a green capsule formula called Pure Cleanse Pro.

List of Ingredients

Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Pure Cleanse Pro is a supplement formula that is claimed to improve colon health. Like so many other products on the market today, this one endeavors to aid with colon cleansing. Put simply, the cleaner your colon (large intestine) is, the easier it will be to shed unwanted weight. According to the makers of Pure Cleanse Pro, the human colon holds 14-20 pounds of weight in waste. This product aims to help flush this toxic waste out of the body, which may encourage weight loss.

Unfortunately there are no ingredients revealed for Pure Cleanse Pro capsules. Regardless, this product is supposed to help reduce water retention, put an end to occasional bloating, and heighten energy levels. By removing waste from the user’s body, the metabolism is increased, which means more calories will be burned off. Like most diet products and supplement formulas, Pure Cleanse Pro is directed to be taken daily with water. However, there is no price posted for this product, and no customer testimonials are found. It appears that Pure Cleanse Pro is offered as a “free” 14-day trial (you simply pay $5 for shipping fees). Unfortunately this typically means that you will be enrolled in an automated payment program, and you will be billed monthly when they continue to send you Pure Cleanse Pro capsules.

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  • This product may help with regularity.
  • Pure Cleanse Pro may improve colon health to some degree.


  • There are numerous complaints about this product online.
  • If you choose to receive Pure Cleanse Pro, you will be billed automatically later on.
  • There are no customer testimonials provided.
  • No complete ingredient list is presented.


If you have not noticed, colon-cleansing products are all the rage at this point. You can find plenty of them online, in drugstores, and at certain health food stores. Pure Cleanse Pro is simply one of many. While this product may help flush waste out of the colon, there are no key ingredients listed, which is a red flag. Also, there are numerous online complaints about Pure Cleanse Pro capsules, which is something dieters should be leery of.

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    Please could you let me know of any agents in the Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, area.


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    Annette Gorr

    You are a scam with misleading information and outrageous pricing!