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Pure Fat Burning Fuel is a diet plan written by health and nutrition expert Isabel De Los Rios. Rios is also the creator of the highly regarded book, The Diet Solution. The book discusses how dieters have the ability to lose weight by changing their eating habits. The primary focus of the book entails using food that boost your metabolism and as a result burn fat. The book does not just lay out a plan for success; the book takes dieters into the weight loss struggles of Rios. She not just an academic sharing knowledge, she actually utilized the program to lose weight. At one point, Rios was obese and had symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

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  • Weight loss plan focusing on the types of foods necessary to lose weight and burn fat.

Product Features

Pure Fat Burning Fuel is a diet plan promising dieters they will experience increased energy, eat the foods they want and feel satiated, lose fat and increase their metabolism. These are hefty claims. The concern we noticed was the lack of clinical trials or scientific research associated with the process. We know Rios is a certified nutritionist, but there is still a clear lack of evidence the diet plan actually works.

The book provides recommendations, but does not provide a detailed account as to how individuals will achieve their goals. We noticed several instances where Rios simply informs the readers of the choices and nothing else. This is evident in the customer testimonials we researched. Several customers state the book does not offer any new information.

On the brightside, Pure Fat Burning Fuel is rather inexpensive. There is no official website for the book; dieters can only purchase the book on Amazon.com. The book retails for just under $4. This is not a bad investment for the amount of information provided to the dieter.

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  • Pure Fat Burning Fuel is inexpensive.
  • The plan offers recipes and meal preparation recommendations.
  • The diet plan addresses fitness.


  • The book does not offer any new information.
  • The diet plan may not guarantee weight loss.
  • There are not clinical studies associated with the diet plan.
  • There are mixed customer testimonials.
  • The diet plan does not lay out the program step-by-step.
  • Purchasing food could become expensive.


Pure Fat Burning Fuel may appeal to the dieter looking for a means to break the weight loss cycle. The information is relevant and timely, although the information is rather repetitive. The price allows individuals to receive a fresh perspective on weight loss without investing a ton of money on a unproven weight loss supplement or fad diet.

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