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Pure Hoodia is a “natural appetite suppressant” that comes in the form of an herb. This is a weight loss supplement that was developed and is manufactured by Pure Hoodia Incorporated, which is an American company. The Pure Hoodia product has been around since 2003, but there are other variations available. This dietary supplement is claimed to be all-natural and contain no calorie burning ingredients or stimulants. Pure Hoodia sells for $39.95 for 60 capsules via the official website. Each capsule contains 400 mg of Hoodia.

This herb has been used by more native South African cultures for many generations. In short, the component, Hoodia, works to help suppress the user’s appetite. It contains a molecule called P57, which alerts the brain that the user is not hungry. Those that choose to incorporate Pure Hoodia into their lifestyle should additionally adopt a healthy diet plan and regular fitness regimen if they intend to lose weight efficiently and effectively. Pure Hoodia does not contain caffeine. Those with diabetes or who’re pregnant/nursing should not take Pure Hoodia without consulting a physician first. There doesn’t appear to be any warnings for Pure Hoodia on the official website. Other common types of Hoodia are “Pure Hoodia Extreme” and “Pure Hoodia Plus.”

List of Ingredients

The primary active ingredient found in Pure Hoodia is indeed all-natural Hoodia, which is derived from a cactus found in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.

Product Features

Pure Hoodia is essentially a dietary supplement that endeavors to suppress appetite by signaling the brain that you’re already full. This “natural herb” comes from a South African desert. An important component of Hoodia is the molecule called P57 (it’s what alerts the brain). Pure Hoodia is marketed toward men and women alike, and is meant to be incorporated with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. Pure Hoodia sells on the official website for $39.95 and comes in a container of 60 capsules. This diet supplement should be taken daily with water in order to suppress appetite.

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  • Pure Hoodia is marketed as “all-natural.”
  • Pure Hoodia comes in an easy-to-take capsule form.
  • Pure Hoodia does not contain any stimulants.
  • Pure Hoodia can be taken by both men and women to potentially assist with weight loss.


  • The official website for Pure Hoodia doesn’t appear to be very informative and some users may think it reads more as a sales pitch than a serious source of product info.
  • The website lacks sufficient clinical evidence concerning the safety and effectiveness of Pure Hoodia.
  • Pure Hoodia may not be suitable for pregnant women or those afflicted with diabetes.
  • Pure Hoodia does not appear to come with a money-back guarantee.
  • The official Pure Hoodia website lacks customer testimonials.


With the vast array of dietary supplements currently on the market, it’s nice to see one that’s all-natural and does not contain caffeine. However, the notion of Pure Hoodia actually assisting people with the weight loss process may not convince all dieters. The official Pure Hoodia website could use more substantial information on this product, such as clinical findings, warnings or even testimonials. Additionally, as with any appetite suppressant, it is imperative that users maintain a healthy diet. In the end everyone wants to know what they’re getting into prior to taking a diet supplement such as Pure Hoodia, so consult your doctor or nutiritionist.

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