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Pure Life is bottle water company manufactured by Nestle. This brand of bottled water is purified water. You can find Nestle Pure Life water in just about every convenience store and grocery store around. Water is one of the main ingredients in our bodies, so it is only natural that consumers should replace water lost throughout the day with quality water. Pure Life is one choice consumers have to replace the water their body loses. While Pure Life is similar to other bottle water, what is it that makes Pure Life a better choice than other sources of water?


Pure Life bottled water by Nestle is simply water. Added to the Pure Life water is minerals that are suppose to improve the taste of the water. Water that is bottled in Pure Life bottled water is from well or town water supplies. This water is sent through a reverse osmosis or distillation process before arriving in your local retail store.

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Pure Life bottled water is one of the United States high providers of bottled water. The Pure Life bottled water is not much different than the tap water you receive in your home. Pure Life water is purified or distilled before bottling. This simply means that it is cleaned of impurities and then minerals are added to the water to make it taste better. The cost and environmental impact of buying bottled water is one that has been debated in recent years. Highly respected News programs have investigated the difference in bottled water verses tap water. In many cases there has not been any added benefit found by consuming bottled water, but there is a huge impact on the environment from the millions of plastic bottles used everyday. Anyone who has dieted or tried to improve their health knows that it is very important to replace the water our body uses. The majority of our cells throughout our body is composed of H2O or water. Nutrition Specialist and Doctors agree that for the best health people should consume at least 8 glasses of water a day. The cost of an average bottle of water is around $1 at 8 bottles per day that is a cost of $8 per day for one person to maintain a healthy balance. The cost of buying bottled water per person would be $240 per month. Buying bottled water seems like a great idea until you break down the numbers and weight the benefits of bottled water verses tap water. The majority of people in the United States already have tap water that is cleaned by a facility coming directly to their home. Consumers can also easily and affordably install a water purifier to their kitchen sink to get the same quality of water as they buy in a plastic bottle at the grocery store. Consumers looking to lose weight and improve healthy could save their money and apply it to supplements rather than spend it on the same quality of tap water they are getting from over priced bottled water.

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  • Pure Life bottled water provides a convenience of an on the go package.
  • Pure Life bottled water is a healthier choice than sugary drinks.


  • The cost of Pure Life bottled water verse tap water is a great expense.
  • The quality of Pure Life bottled water is not much greater than the quality of water one can achieve at home with a water filter.
  • Pure Life Bottled water does not promote weight loss alone.


Pure Life bottled water by Nestle is one of the United States largest suppliers of bottled water. Pure Life is a purified water than has had minerals added simply to improve taste. Pure Life uses recycled plastic to make their bottles, but this does not take away from the amount of trash created by bottles from bottled water. The Same quality of Pure Life bottled water can be achieved at home for much less. Consumers looking to lose weight should consider invest the hundreds of dollars they spend each month on bottled water in a proven weight loss supplement.

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