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Pure Life Soap Co. is a company who has based its products on organic ingredients. Pure Life Soap Co. is more than just soap, they carry skin care products and hair care products with ingredients derived from nature. Each product sold by Pure Life Soap Co. has an ingredients list that is mostly natural and organic. Pure Life Soap Co. has everything from shampoos and conditioners to cleansers and even sunscreen. These products are sold through third party retailers at the moment. It appears that the dedicated website for Pure Life Soap Co. will soon be not only manufacturing their own products, but also selling them through their dedicated website.


The Pure Life Soap Co. has a number of products each with their own special list of ingredients. The official website clearly states the ingredients listed in each product. There are too many products to list all the ingredients included in them. The ingredients for the most part are all natural and they seem to have a very environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing their line of products.

Product Features

Pure Life Soap Co. has a large list of products available currently through third party retailers. Along with the bars of soap and shampoo and conditioners, Pure Life Soap Co. also has a line of skin care products. They manufacture sunscreen lotions and also massage lotions designed to not only hydrate the skin but also reduce cellulite. While the products from Pure Life Soap Co. promise to be natural and organic, there is no evidence that they can really product the results they claim. If there was a magical cure for cellulite than every woman would be buying stock in that company. There does not appear to be any evidence to back the claims Pure Life Soap Co. has made to be able to reduce cellulite. The Pure Life Soap Co. products are competitively prices and are a bit more expensive than other brands of products but this is partly to the fact that these products are a natural and environmental option to the traditional products mainly composed of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

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  • Pure Life Soap Co. is a company who has dedicated its products to be natural and chemical free.
  • Pure Life Soap Co. can be purchased online through third party retailers.
  • Pure Life Soap Co. does not appear to be available in local brick and mortar stores.


  • Pure Life Soap Co. has a dedicated website, but products can not be purchased directly through this site at this time.
  • Pure Life Soap Co. does not provide scientific evidence to back the quality and support claims of their products.
  • Pure Life Soap Co. products are more expensive than other brands.


Pure Life Soap Co. is a company that has taken nature and put it in a bottle. Their line of natural soaps, shampoos and other skin care products are made from natural ingredients. The Pure Life Soap Co. has not only geared their marketing towards those who are environmentally friendly, but also to the world looking for a miracle cure for cellulite and other skin and body issues. They can not back their products with any scientific studies or clinical trials proving their products are more effective than others. There does not appear to be any miracle cure for cellulite or weight loss without taking supplements designed to burn fat and suppress appetite. Rubbing a lotion on the skin does not promote weight loss or cellulite reduction.

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    Sandra Love

    Hi,I’m looking for a soap that I’m not allergic to, no luck so far. All of the ingrei. are not list on the labels,so can you tell if you use vitamin E in the Chamonile or Honey soap?