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Pure Slim 1000 is a diet and weight loss product rolled into one. The diet shows you how to eat to make the weight loss drops a more effective solution to weight loss. They resemble something like the HCG drops seen in many weight loss programs, but we cannot confirm that is what these are. Read this review to learn more about the program and it works to help you decide if you want to use this to help you reach your weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients

Though there are drops associated with this diet, we are not sure what these drops contain.

Product Features

Pure Slim 1000 is a three phase weight loss program. Prior to beginning the first phase, though, you are to spend two weeks in preparation for starting the program. This is when you load yourself with healthy fats from foods such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil. Supplement with Omega 3s, and replace all beverages with water. Then, you begin phase 1: Rapid Weight Loss Phase. This phase can last up to 90 days. This phase is 1000 calories a day with the use of the drops, and can produce half pound to 1 pound of loss per day. Phase 2: Creating a New Weight Set Point lasts three weeks and requires you to add 500 calories back to your diet. You may continue to lose weight, as long as you are using the drops, and eating your full caloric intake (no skipping meals!). Phase 3: Maintenance. This is intended to be the life long phase.

There are several different packages available, each with a varying quantity of drops to help you, based on how much weight you have to lose total. You can expect to spend anywhere from $89.95 to $159.95 depending on the weight you have to lose. The largest package is recommended for those who have 40+ pounds to reach their ideal weight or whatever their goal weight may be. At the time of this review in March 2012, there is a discount code “SPRINGBREAK” to get 20% off your order, but we are not sure how long this promotion lasts.

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  • Pure Slim 1000 doesn’t really have any advantages we can see.


  • Pure Slim 1000 requires a drastic cut in caloric intake, that will make the diet hard to follow.
  • We do not know what the drops contain.
  • This is an expensive diet to follow.
  • There are no free trials of this program.
  • We are not sure if there is a money back guarantee to support this program.


Pure Slim 1000 is likely another HCG based diet that only produces results because of the low calorie intake. We advise to you stay away from this product unless you can really determine what is in the drops.

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45 User Reviews about Pure Slim 1000

  • 1

    I want to try this,how do I do it


  • 2
    hina aziz

    I just received my pack in pack ingredience gelatine. i am vegetarian is that haraam can i replace this with some other pure slim products without gelatine


  • 3
    judy schmersey

    How to buy more drops


  • 4

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  • 5
    sarah jeon

    how can we make order and where I can buy this product? I don’t have a credit card…. Can you do a POD pay on delivery….


  • 6

    I disagree with the disadvantages: Yes, calories are reduced to a sensible amount. Those who find it hard to follow are the ones eating so poorly to begin with. A lot of carbs. Carbs are addicting and YES no matter what diet you follow the weaning process will be hard to follow (isn’t this way we as a nation are over weight….too many carbs. PureSlim 1000 has been a GREAT resource for me. I knew I needed to cut my calories I just didn’t know how to do it healthy, PureSlim showed me how and what’s even better you can follow the guidelines for life! It’s simple and not expense.


  • 7
    elvie santos

    How can i order this pure slim?tnx


  • 8
    ellen rombaoa

    how can I order this product


  • 9
    Jeannie Watson

    My husband and I are currently on Phase 2 on the Pure Slim 1000 program. The review regarding Pure Slim 1000 on this site is inaccurate. The drops are homeopathic and this program helps balances our hormones, which in turn helps us get rid of weight AND become healthy by eating healthy. Yes, the caloric intake on Phase 1 is from 800 to 1000 a day, however we were never hungry. Now, on Phase 2, we struggle to get the increased calories in, as we are never hungry. The thing is the foods on this program are very healthy. Also, by omitting sugar from our diets, we aren’t having cravings. I used to be hypoglycemic……not on this program. I used to have migraines 3 to 4 times a week…..not on this program. The transformation on this program for my husband and I are amazing. This program is a lot less expensive than those that make you purchase their foods, less expensive than surgery, and it’s safe. There is a money back guarantee as long as you keep a 90 day journal that you will need to send in to them for them to reimburse you if you’re not satisfied. Try this program, if you follow it, I know you won’t be disappointed!! Good luck!


  • 10
    Susie Rogers

    Pure Slim 1000 is a great life style change that works. I struggled to find a program that helped me make food choices that I could stay with forever and not feel like I was missing out. I love the changes I have made and I am now healthy! I have lost weight by burning fat and building muscle. This program works!


  • 11
    Qutha Winters

    Is there anything in these ” Drops” that cause my Gout to flare up?. Does uraci form when using this product?


  • 12

    i have been using Pureslim 1000 since March and I have lost 40lb. I did not think I would be able to stick to 1000 calories a day, I used to eat 1000 calories for a snack. the drops help with appetite and cravings. I have had no side effects and I showed the list of drops to my doctor and nothing rang a warning bell to her. i love this diet and say to anyone, give it a try you have nothing but pounds to lose!!


  • 13
    Marsha Lamar

    I started Pure Slim 1000 on June 2,2014. I have lost 15 lbs!! I have been walking at least 30min per day. I have more energy than I have had for awhile and enjoy my morning protein drinks.


  • 14
    Stacey B

    I have been on pure slim for just under 2 weeks and have lost over 10 lbs. This program is more than just a diet I have learned so much about nutrition and what your body needs.I feel wonderful on this program and I don’t feel the least bit deprived.


  • 15
    Braquel Dix

    Pure Slim 1000 has truly helped me! I am 18 years old and about 100 pounds overweight. After two days I was down seven pounds and was down 13 after two weeks!! This product is amazing, I am feeling better and have more energy. It’s only been one month, but I am positive Pure Slim will change my life!
    I 100% recommend this product to anyone who has tried in the past to lose weight and it just hasn’t worked. Pure Slim can help you as it has helped me.



    I had a question: I am 18 and going to be 19 in august by that time I would like to wear a two piece bathing suit. I have never worn one before. I am currently 240 pounds do you think if I start it now that I will be 80 pound lighter?


  • 16
    Amanda Gastelum

    I have been on pureslim1000 for 7 weeks now, I’ve lost 23 lbs so far. There have been ups and downs but the fact is it works. It’s a lifestyle change which is awesome because that’s really what most people need to lose and then to keep it off. I’m very excited about my results, and the Facebook support page is amazing, so helpful!! :-)


  • 17
    Debra Glenn

    My husband and I are both on the diet! After one month he is down 22 pounds with 41 more to go and I am down 13 pounds with 12 more to go! Love it. We get to eat a variety of food and plenty of it! Both of us are in our fifties and never thought we would have such an easy time losing weight. Thank you Pure Slim 1000!


  • 18
    Yvette D.

    Over the past 22 years, I have tried a variety of other products and diets but on Pure Slim, I feel better and have more energy than I did on anything else I’ve tried. I’ve been using this product for six weeks and in addition to the 15 pounds I’ve lost so far, I’m sleeping better and I have more energy. The plan is so simple and a bonus is that I get to eat real food, not pre-packaged bars and meals. I can buy everything I need at the grocery store, which makes shopping each week easy. On this plan, I’m eating fresh and healthy food five times a day so I’m never hungry and I don’t get the shakes like I did from some other diet supplements I recently tried.


  • 19
    Vicky Sturgell

    Here’s an advantage for you……it works! No cravings(this from a sugar addict), no outrageous hunger, you eat healthy food, and you feel great! I love it!


  • 20
    Teresa Crowder

    Can you do this plan if you are on warfarin?


  • 21

    I tried the pure slim for two weeks and noticed a tremendous bloating in my midsection, I honestly looked like I was 8 months pregnant. Tried to contact the company but to no avail. I would not recommend this product, it’s seems to be more of a scam. What a waste of 90.00 dollars. :(


  • 22

    I have an allergy to shellfish will I still be able to use pure slim 1000


    Sue Lucas

    I am also allergic to shellfish, but had no troublesome reactions to the PureSlim 1000. I am not one who is willing to severely restrict my diet; I knew I wouldn’t even try to stick to 1000 calories a day, so I just ate a balanced diet (mostly vegetarian for about 3 months). I only exercised moderately, but I had dramatic weight loss after taking the product for 2 months. I’ll probably repeat the 2-month use again, just to get back to more seriously losing weight again. I am sure every person’s body reacts differently, and I do give a lot of credit to eating mostly vegan during that time, but I lost 50 pounds in only 5 or 6 months. Hope this answers your question. :-)



    Yes! I don’t care for any seafood, and I have been doing great!


  • 23
    Your Name

    bought at gnc store



    can you buy the bottles at the healthfood store?


  • 24
    Jeanette Ross

    I haven’t started this yet but was wondering if it can cause problems if you are on medications like blood pressure, things like that.


  • 25
    J. G.

    Been taking PureSlim 1000 for a week now, I do not have the discipline to follow the diet exactly but probably following it 80%, I am dong the water 100% and I’ve lost 8 pounds in the past 7 days. I also do an hour and a half at the gym each weekday, 15 min on the machines, 15 min walking and an hour of Zumba. The directions say to add 250 calories on any day you exercise over 30 minutes so that REALLY helps. Its a hard diet to follow so I know I won’t be on it for life, but I only need to loose 30 pounds now. Had already lost 90, but stalled on my weightloss for the past year, this will help me finish it off.


  • 26

    Is there an e book to purchase so I can read while waiting for the drops?


  • 27
    Terry senkt

    Where in lesotho can i find the get slim prodoct?


  • 28

    Does the pure slim 1000 contain caffeine? I am looking to start the program, but I can not have caffeine. please let me know :)

    Thank you


    Yvette D.

    Nope, no caffeine in Pure Slim and I’ve never had the shakes on the product either. I’ve been on it for six weeks and I’ve felt great.


  • 29
    kelly wood

    I am just reading all the info I can on this product to decide if I should try it or not!


  • 30
    Merilyn Vann

    look forward to trying this


  • 31

    I ordered the Pure Slim 1000 product and read the book last fall. I was impressed with the all natural ingredients and followed the program for less than 2 weeks and lost about 8 pounds. It works very quickly if you follow the plan…I just have trouble allowing holidays, etc to interfere with my plans. You do have to restrict your calorie intake too. I do believe it is a great product.



    PureSlim1000 is a program I have been on now for about 10 days. I have dropped 10 pounds. I have not had to starve myself, just have to pay attention to my hydration, food choices and portions. Exercise is encouraged, but to do it gradually and a routine you can live with! I bike for about 15 min, alternating between a min or two of normal pace and then gunning it for about 3 sec, and back and so forth. The ingredience are thoroughly explained in the book and printed on the label. There is nothing in it that is dangerous that I can see. (I’m a nurse myself.) I hope that this will be the last program I ever have to be on. Am very pleased with it. Customer service has been exceptional.



    Hi Cynthia,
    Hmmm interesting information. I am also planning to start on PureSlim 1000 but have only one question, Is there any known side effects with this product? Looking forward to your comments and opinion.




    I have been on the diet for 13 days and have started feeling nauseated. I am s


  • 32

    Very valid point raised by Lisa… Its like consumer report saying a car is not drivable becuase they dont have the stats/data.

    Lisa – how did the Pure Slim 1000 work out? Would be great if you can share.


  • 33
    Lisa E

    I wouldn’t take your editor’s choice simply because it contains caffeine. Not everybody can take this ingredient. As for PureSlim1000, I just started it. I, however, didn’t start until I had my Naturopath Doctor review the ingredients and she said they were all great ingredients. All natural. I have a question. How can you legitimately review a product if you don’t take the time to research the ingredients?



    I agree!


    No More Diets

    I agree Lisa E. This really wasn’t a thorough review of this product. Every other diet review site that I found was able to find the ingredients. Plus, they are clearly and boldly listed on the Pure Slim 1000 website itself. I have noticed that the same products are always listed at the top of this websites “best products” list yet on other sites, these same products are not always in the top.



    All natural. Are They organic?



    WARNING TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!