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Pure Solutions is a company that has pioneer a new realm of nutritional supplements. Pure Solutions specializes in the harvesting and manufacturing of Human Growth Hormones, also known as IGF. Pure Solutions harvest growth hormones from the velvet antler of deer in New Zealand. The velvet deer antlers have been used for more than 2000 years as a treatment for a variety of diseases and illnesses. Pure Solutions has several formulas of their GFI for consumers to choose from. They are all taken sublingually or under the tongue.


Pure Solutions IGF does not release the exact ingredients contained in its formulas. The official website from Pure Solutions reveals to consumers that Their IGF comes from the velvet deer antlers harvested in New Zealand.

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Pure Solutions has brought Human Growth Hormones back to consumer’s even years after puberty. The cells of our muscles stop reproducing after puberty. After puberty our muscles can increase in size but cannot increase the number of cells. According to the Pure Solutions website IGF by Pure Solutions can actually increase the number of cells increase the number of muscle cells not just increasing the size of the muscles. It is not clear whether there are any long term side effects shown from using GFI. The Pure Solutions website would like for consumers to think that they can consume Pure Solution products with zero side effects, but realistically this product does not disclose a full list of ingredients or scientific trials proving the effects of this product. The website for Pure Solutions gives a very scientific explanation as to how their product works. It uses terms such as hyperplasia or hypertrophy. These terms are thrown around making consumers feel that this product is scientifically proven to improve health. The claims from Pure Solutions include fat loss, increased energy, increased libido, and even joint and connective tissue repair. Anti-aging is also a big selling factor in Pure Solutions GFI. Pure Solutions claims that their GFI formula can products all sorts of effects to improve the human body, but the scientific research to back these claims if not provided to consumers on the official website. Pure Solutions GFI comes in 4 different formulas and each can be taken as a liquid or a tablet. Pure Solution GFI is always absorbed sublingually . The retail cost of GFI from Pure Solutions is $49.95 for the original formula in tablet form and $89.95 for 30 tablets of the premium formula of GFI by Pure Solutions.

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  • Pure Solutions GFI is derived from Velvet Deer antlers in New Zealand.
  • Pure Solutions has a dedicated website from which it can be ordered.


  • Pure Solutions does not disclose a full list of ingredients.
  • Pure Solutions does not have supported evidence from scientific trials posted on the official website to back the claims of this product.
  • There are no side effects disclosed to consumers of Pure Solution products.


Pure Solutions is a company that has set its sites on the manufacturing and distribution of GFI or Human Growth Hormones. These products from Pure Solutions are designed to increase cell product of muscles which can not occur without this type of supplementation after puberty. GFI from Pure Solutions comes in a variety of formulas. Pure Solutions has not provided sufficient scientific evidence to support the claims of their products or the safety of the Pure Solution products.

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    Karen Kirwan

    My 14 yr old son who is under 5 ft and under 80 lbs wants to know why he can’t take this product on the chance it will make him grow? Help! He ordered it and insists it is safe