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Pure Svetol is the most recognized green coffee bean extract supplement on the market. Svetol is a brand name, but according to the official website and several advocate websites, the name comes with quite a few health benefits that other green coffee bean extracts simply cannot claim. Svetol is a source of chlorogenic acid, which is supposed to help dieters lose weight. There is mention of a French clinical study proving Svetol works, but the study included only 50 people, but the placebo group also lost weight. No links are listed for this study.

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  • Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Every dieter wants to believe there is a single supplement they can take to shed unwanted pounds, but supplements don’t work independently. Dieters need to make lifestyle changes, including changes to diet and exercise, to lose weight and keep the weight off. Supplements simply supplement those changes – thus the name. Pure Svetol or chlorogenic acid to be more precise is the topic of a large number of clinical studies – mostly on rats. Study topics include wound healing, histamine inhibition and weight loss. One of the most interesting studies we found claims chlorogenic acid, when paired with a high fat diet, can actually have detrimental effects. Mice tended to store more fat and insulin resistance developed when taking chlorogenic acid.

Mice studies are not always comparable to human studies, but human studies pertaining to weight loss and chlorogenic acids simply do not exist. Pure Svetol is in the same boat as the company lists no links for studies that support weight loss claims. The dieter is supposed to look at the weight loss claims and believe them just because the makers of the supplement say the results are real – but dieters are not that easily convinced.

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  • There is an official website for Pure Svetol.


  • Chlorogenic acid is not clinically proven to boost weight loss.
  • Animal studies claim chlorogenic acid may increase lipid storage and cause insulin resistance.


Pure Svetol is not likely to cause weight loss, no matter what information the manufacturer publishes about a single French study. Without verifiable clinical study or a plethora of testimonials from dieters who’ve lost weight taking the product there is no reason for the dieter to spend the money on a single-ingredient supplement like Pure Svetol. Clinical evidence does exist to support other supplement ingredients like green tea, caffeine and chromium. Supplements with these ingredients may be a more effective option.

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