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There are a number of weight loss facilities and counseling centers around the world at this point. Experts at these facilities strive to assist both women and men with healthy weight reduction. Often this includes nutrition information, fitness regimens, and healthy eating. One weight loss counseling center is called Pure Weight Loss. Apparently it is a partner company of L.A. Weight Loss. At one point, there was over 400 different facility locations for Pure Weight Loss. However, it appears that they have closed back in 2008. These weight reduction centers were located all over the nation.

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Pure Weight Loss is/was a branch of centers that assisted people with weight reduction counseling. As you may know, L.A. Weight Loss first got started back in 1989. At one point there were more that 850 L.A. Weight Loss Centers. Later on, this company expanded with Pure Weight Loss. Unfortunately these locations have been shut down due to lack of business. As time moves on, the weight loss and diet product market constantly expands. This means a great amount of competition for centers like this. Many people have turned to weight loss video games, at-home fitness equipment, online weight loss assistance, and dietary supplements.

There is very little information left online pertaining to Pure Weight Loss. However, like most counseling centers, this company helped people by providing advice on living well, exercising regularly, and adopting healthy eating habits. With Pure Weight Loss, you did not need any special prepackaged diet meals, supplement formulas, or expensive fitness equipment for your home. All in all, Pure Weight Loss was a lifestyle change that encouraged healthier living. As for the monthly cost of this program, there is not one posted online.

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  • No prescription diet pills are needed for Pure Weight Loss.
  • There is no need for prepackaged frozen diet meals.
  • Regular exercise is encouraged and learned through these centers.


  • Many people prefer a more simplified supplement formula.
  • There are monthly fees with Pure Weight Loss centers.
  • A lawsuit was filed against this company back in 2002.
  • Dieters have to drive to a center location for assistance.
  • These facilities are now closed, and are no longer useful.


There have been so many centers and weight loss facilities like Pure Weight Loss over the years. One major problem with these programs is that people do not want to pay a monthly fee anymore. Convenience is also an issue, since many people do not want to drive daily to a center. In the end, Pure Weight Loss was likely put out of business due to all of the other weight loss and dieting options out there today.

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