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What You Should Know

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The PureFoods Fresh Start diet plan is a ‘restricted calorie’ program, featuring ready-made low-glycemic foods without the counting, measuring, and point-keeping of other weight loss programs. The idea behind PureFoods Fresh Start is that low glycemic foods cause one to feel fuller longer, which helps to curb the desire to snack or overindulge. PureFoods ready-made meals are served in ‘fresh lock’ trays, and are never dried or frozen. Meals are delivered right to your door and stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Every day’s plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a snack and a treat. Participants have the option of choosing standard, customized, or gluten-free meals.

List of Ingredients

The PureFoods Fresh Start ready-made meal plan currently features breakfasts like skillets (scrambled eggs, hash browns, various cheeses, and condiments), cereals, smoothies, bagels, oatmeal, and granola; lunches of grilled chicken breast, soup, red beans and rice, sandwich wraps, pasta, and curry; and dinners like spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs, chicken breasts, Turkey Bolognese served over rice noodles, beef steak, and lasagna. Snacks include fresh fruits, vegetables, and cheeses, almonds and cashews; deserts include white chocolate chip cookies and ginger snaps, and dark chocolate squares with various fruit complements.

Product Features

PureFoods Fresh Start provides three meals, one treat, and one snack per day, for a total daily caloric intake of 1050 to 1350. Meals are provided weekly by PureFoods and are packaged in individual microwave-safe containers, inside Styrofoam coolers surrounded by cold gel-packs, inside a larger box shipped via Federal Express. All food is ‘fresh-locked,’ meaning it will, under optimal conditions, remain fresh for up to fourteen days. The PureFoods Fresh Start plan is based on the glycemic index and meals are made up of low-glycemic foods. All choices are available all the time, but meals can be tailored to fit customer tastes using the online menu planning tool at the PureFoods Fresh Start website.

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  • PureFoods Fresh Start ready-made meals are prepared by trained chefs and are highly praised on dieting blogs and consumer review websites.
  • To save money, or to accommodate a transition into healthier eating, PureFoods Fresh Start offers two weekly plans: the standard plan with meals for seven days, and another plan with meals for only five days.


  • PureFoods Fresh Start ready-made meal selection is limited, though they have recently expanded their offerings and have plans to expand it again.
  • Vegetable side dishes are the first things to go bad when the food spoils.
  • Dishes will sometimes go by different names, but are essentially the same as other dishes, giving the illusion of great variety.
  • PureFoods Fresh Start offers only one calorie level.


PureFoods Fresh Start is a dietician-approved, chef-prepared meal plan, encouraging weight loss and healthier eating through smaller portions and fewer calories. PureFoods Fresh Start receives generally positive reviews on customer review websites and on weight-loss blogs. The science backing the PureFoods Fresh Start Weight Loss Plan is solid, and the methods reflect the thinking of most dieticians: that smaller portions and fewer calories reduce weight. However, there’s nothing in this diet plan that you can’t do on your own at home, for much less money. You’d be better served to make your own 1300-calorie foods and put them in your freezer for eating throughout the week.

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