PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery Review

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Many dieters will try almost anything to shed that excess body fat. One method that is gaining popularity is prepackaged meals. As you surely know, brands like Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, and Healthy Choice are found in common grocery stores and supermarkets across the country. However, there are also fresh options when it comes to prepackaged meals. These are typically known as meal delivery services. One of which is PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery. The purpose of this delivery service is to control the amount of calories and carbohydrates you consume daily, which can in turn aid with weight loss.

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Product Features

PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery is a service that delivers complete, fresh meals right to your door. According to the official website, these are “chef-prepared” meals that are healthy and promote weight loss. There is a 1-800 number provided on the main website for convenient ordering. These meals are based on the Glycemic Index principal. So, while these preplanned meals are filling, they do not contain simple carbohydrates that break down in the body quickly. This means less fat storage. You should also feel fuller longer, and have fewer cravings. There is no measuring foods or counting calories with PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery.

The official website for PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery reveals the daily cost of this program. Basically, you pay $22.85 for each full day of meals. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, and a treat. These meals can be heated in only three minutes, and you do not have to purchase and separate food. There are 63 different meals to select from, and you can choose from six different plans. These plans are as follows; 3 Week Jump Start, 3 Week Weekends Off, 3 Day Sampler, A La Carte Choose From Our Entire Menu, A La Carte Vegetarian Items Only, and A La Carte Gluten Free Menu.

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  • If you choose PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery, you do not have to grocery shop.
  • There are success stories posted on the official website.
  • A convenient 1-800 number is provided.


  • There is no fitness plan encouraged with PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery.
  • No convenient supplements are given to aid with fat loss.
  • The cost of this program could get quite expensive at $22.85 per day.
  • You may not enjoy the type of food you get with this delivery service.


Clearly more and more food delivery services are emerging to assist people with their diet plans and hectic schedules. As for PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery, this plan in particular would get expensive quickly. After all, you have to pay $22.85 each day, which is about $160 each week. This is quite a bit for one individual. Also, you may not enjoy the types of foods that are given with PureFoods Low Carb Meal Delivery.

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