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Needless to say, there are many ways to lose weight in this day and age. Fortunately this makes it much easier for many people shed unwanted pounds, and get back the figure they truly prefer. Although you may not be familiar with it, one method of weight loss and detoxification is the Purification Rundown. This method comes from the Church of Scientology. Just so you are aware, this is a rather controversial approach to body detoxification and internal cleansing. Some well known figures who have tried out the Purification Rundown method are Tom Cruise, and his wife, Katie Holmes.

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Purification Rundown is essentially a detoxification and weight loss program that combines the use of dietary supplements with a fitness regimen, and sessions in a sauna. As far as what this program does just depends on the dieter. You can take the Purification Rundown to different levels. While some people choose this method to assist them with serious health problems, others choose it for getting clean from drug abuse. Some individuals even get involved with the Purification Rundown method for spirituality reasons. Scientology experts believe it can boost your IQ, relieve chronic pain, and lower bad cholesterol levels.

A drawback to Purification Rundown is that it can lead to dehydration or heat exhaustion. It appears that a few deaths have even been associated with this detox program. When on this program, you must spend up to five hours each day in a sauna. This helps flush toxins from the body’s pores. You are also given high doses of vitamins in a cocktail blend. Plenty of water, potassium and sodium are consumed as well. Since many toxins are found in fact cells, the more you sweat, the more toxins you can rid your body of. Regular exercise is also crucial, and you are given a portion of vegetable oil to consume. The Purification Rundown program takes two to three weeks to complete.

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  • Regular exercise is involved with this program.
  • Sweating in a sauna will help clean out the skin pores.
  • Some people have reported positive results from this program.


  • You need a doctor’s okay in order to try Purification Rundown.
  • Some individuals have reportedly died from this program.
  • Some health care professionals say it is dangerous.
  • You may suffer from heat exhaustion or dehydration while doing this.


The Purification Rundown program seems both unique and questionable at the same time. While some users have reported success with this detoxification program, others have apparently died. It goes without saying that you should speak with your doctor before attempting a program like this for weight loss, internal cleansing, or relief from chronic pains.

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    I don’t know why this would be included here. The Purification Rundown is in no way a weight loss program. It is not designed to produce weight loss and in fact would never lead to weight loss if being done correctly.